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    Arkansas Ozarks and Talimena

    Just a thought, you might look at Hwy 59 / 259 from Broken Bow up to Poteau. It's scenic with some beautiful overlooks and twisties mixed in.

    WTB Gen II or III Handlebars

    Looking for a set in decent shape to fit my '16 Thanks

    Pulling to the left

    What the other guys said. I dropped my bike in pine needles one time and on a grass yard another, it had a soft landings in both cases with no visible damage, but when the handlebar hit the ground first, it was enough force to twist the forks where they clamp in the triple trees. After said...

    Pathfinder's 100,000 (Cert.) Miles in 1 Year Attempt

    Show off! Nicely done sir, enviable to be sure!

    Oem brake clutch levers

    Sold. I'll take them. PM sent

    Sold the fjr, parts for sale *Sold*

    PM'd you on the Delkovics

    2016 FJR1300A Check Engine Light On

    Yes, earlier 2016's had a programming glitch and Yamaha came up with the firmware update later in the year. This fixed the issue for when the key cycle to run was delayed or incomplete and the cel error would trigger. Your dealer should be able to provide this flash under the recall. I had the...

    Pathfinder's 100,000 (Cert.) Miles in 1 Year Attempt

    Ran into Tony last weekend at the IBA BAT Rally in Denison. I shared a few miles with him while he did yet another BBG on his way home. Here he is doing what he does best. Carry on sir!

    Help needed in Georgia

    Just now saw this post. Looks like he's back on the road and in Florida. What was his fix?
  10. NTXFJR

    March Ramblin'

    John, your route takes you within 20 miles or so of some of the best scenic roads Texas has to offer, hwy's 335, 336, and 337 aka the Twisted Sisters. just south of Kerrville. Pm me if you make it up my way...
  11. NTXFJR

    Pathfinder's 100,000 (Cert.) Miles in 1 Year Attempt

    Oh man, 75 degrees right now in Tallahassee, perfect! Git er done Tony!
  12. NTXFJR

    Texas is big - So let's travel to Meet Up for a group ride

    I pm'd you on the Ride Around Texas attempt I'll be looking to do again this March or April, would love to have the company. If you like multi day adventures, you might consider Tyler's Yosemite get together in September. Many great people in this forum to meet...
  13. NTXFJR

    Bike Instability above 70mph on interstate

    Properly set up, the fjr is very stable at speeds north of 100 mph, damhik. Many of us run our tires at 40 front and 42 rear which may help. You might want to check the triple tree bearings for proper wear and torque.