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    Van too low to carry FJR

    Just got rid of of a Dodge 1500 with a wedge cap.... same problem even with the home made ramp out one ATV ramp , plywood and some mechanics wire. Find a loading ramp thats higher than your bumper. I made it work with mirrors off and no shield. If you put lowering links on the suspension and...
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    Home S & S

    Just wanted to say that we are home safe from another epic CFR. Drove through old Quebec city on the way home listening to the GPS telling me I was off coarse. Never forget its fun to get lost..... Great times had by all. Just wanted to Thank Bob, Chris & Mem for the organizing side of...
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    CFR 2019 Baie-Comeau June 20th to 23rd, Book your Room ASAP!

    Beer and Swag all in the same location, Now your talking Bob. All we need is a wheelbarrow for those with bad knee's , inebriated or both !
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    CFR 2019 Baie-Comeau June 20th to 23rd, Book your Room ASAP!

    I told Christine that it's an FJR Rally so we have to take the right bike. Need to test out the revamped suspension. I'll take the wing to Amercade, so neither feels left out !
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    CFR 2019 Baie-Comeau June 20th to 23rd, Book your Room ASAP!

    Me and my shadow...... Opp's sorry wifey, are still a go. Still waiting for the time off from work but l guess I can call in sick if I have too !
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    CFR 2019 Baie-Comeau June 20th to 23rd, Book your Room ASAP!

    Christine and I are booked in. See you on the North Shore in 4 month's !!
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    Gaspe Ride

    Will try to convince the S/O to go Scott but I think I am out of holidays.... Will check and let you know. I believe she has gotten over her inability to speak the language..... The IPad has a great translator.
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    Short Rider Questions

    So I'm 5'6" with a 30 in inseam. My belly is getting bigger which pushes me up the seat a bit too. Like most short riders, flat footing a bike has never been an issue. All I have to do is hop on the GoldWing to remind me of how light and nimble the FJR really is ! The only time leg length was...
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    **SOLD** For Sale: OEM Yamaha FJR1300 saddle bag liners

    Also interested if 502mad does not want to do the deal. I will defer to buyer # one. Also in Ontario.
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    What to do with a high mileage 2003 FJR ?

    From A guy that had 3 in the garage until last summer. Two 03 FJR's and a wing. The advantage of walking out to the garage on a Sunday morning and playing eny meanie miny moe was over ridden with the silly cost of insuring 3 bikes. Spread the word amongst your riding partners and I'm sure they...
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    CFR Room Share?

    For those still looking for a spot.... we have cancelled our reservation at the Inn. An upcoming wedding and renovations have depleted the travel budget for the year. I hate when I have the time but not the $$$$. Cheers.
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    CFR 2018 - WooHoo! Registration is going LIVE November 1st!

    Or you could just pay direct through your own bank. E - Transfer. Don't forget to pay for your S/O like I did.... Oppsy. Sorry PayPal no worky for me the last time. My credit card was compromised ..... Etc. Etc. Looking forward to the event. Thanks for all the hard work .
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    NERDs 5 - Made it home

    Almost home by way of CFR and the Gaspe. Thanks for all the good ride tips. Will have to return a few more times to run them all. Christine and I enjoyed the whole weekend. Always good to meet fellow rider's with like minds. Thanks for all your hard work Fred and Bill for leading us through...
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    CFR 2017 Atigonish Nova Scotia August 25 - 27

    A day away from home base ourselves, had a great time as usual. Gaspe was a blast ! Thanks Rob for not organizing the event and Scott and Mary Ellen for the down east hospitality which we have come to know. Nice to ride with Kevin & Ann Marie again. Will attempt some pictures when we get...
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    CFR 2017 Atigonish Nova Scotia August 25 - 27

    Some of us Ontario'rens are already in the neighbourhood.... See you Thursday evening. No butt burners for us.... Heading up from Port Royal in the morning with a stopover in Halifax for a few hours. Race you to the LCBNS....
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    CFR 2017 Atigonish Nova Scotia August 25 - 27

    So thanks to Mary Ellen, Scott and Rob, just kicked myself in the ass...... Let me explain, Was thinking I have to finish the basement renovations as it is taking too long and starting to cost too much and if we went to Nerds and CFR it would just add to the credit card budget ? Is there really...
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    Sorry Boss, I'm going...

    Just a question, Feel free to dog pile if you must. If you quite, I'm betting your current level of vacation does not follow you to your new job ? For the record I too have 21 years in my profession and am considered a senior to the company. There is no seniority to the time off request...
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    CFR 2017 Atigonish Nova Scotia August 25 - 27

    Ok, Two more to add to the party. Also extending our East coast vacation starting with Nerd's. Cheers.I can taste the lobster now ! Room booked.
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    NERDS 5 - We're on a roll now!

    Two other Canucks to attend. Thursday through Sunday....
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    NERDS 5 - We're on a roll now!

    I too have a slide rule and no I don't know how to use it. That's pretty bad when my father was a stats and finance kind of guy. My generation had calculators..... Thanks Geezer, If I remember right, you resemble my Pappy. Thanks Fred apparently I also forgot how to read as well. Cheers...