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  1. Cyclepath

    Where do you buy your oil change kit from

    Like others here, for years, I've used Shell Rotella T6 5w-40 as my default. It is commonly available in Walmart, and if you pay attention, it can often be snagged at a cheaper price than some recommended motorcycle engine oils. Absolutely, the JASO MA rating is pretty much the most important...
  2. Cyclepath

    My first EVER flat tire (a block from home)

    By the way guys, though this Fortnine video is not strictly about which repair plugs are best, it DOES offer guidance on a short list of some would-be tire sealant (goop in a bottle) compounds. Fortnine Tire Sealant Comparo Very watchable video :cool:, and putting money where my mouth is, I...
  3. Cyclepath

    Pirelli Jackpot!

    As RossKean indicated, you'll want to be doubly sure about the date codes on any Angel ST offered to you. I thought they were discontinued years ago, and only ever used their first replacement (Angel GT) - loved 'em - just not so great longevity on our heavy/torquey Feejers I'm afraid. Last...
  4. Cyclepath

    GPS Software for Android

    I've described here on the forum before, how I've been using OSMand + for years now on my own pure-GPS Android tablet (current one is an 8" Samsung T280 model I think). Works very well indeed.
  5. Cyclepath

    Replacement horn

    I have a pair of those PIAA horns on my Gen3, and its hilarious seeing some of the reactions I get if/when I ever use it. The combination of tones sounds like a 57 DeSoto. 🤣
  6. Cyclepath

    Mirror Bracket for auxiliary lights

    For my Gen3, I'm just using a set of home-brew custom metal plates I'm cutting / forming / painting out of ~ 0.125" aluminum sheet, combined with s pair of those SW-Motech mirror extender blocks. I've done a number of other custom metalwork farkles (old Gen1, and this newer Gen3) over the years...
  7. Cyclepath

    Thinking of buying a Fluke automotive ScopeMeter... Thoughts, Ideas?

    I tend to agree with RossKean, and think that you Mr. Carver, must have deeper pockets for these awesome devices than I. 😲 As Fred opined, if it were me, I'd probably just fall back on my modest (<$100) multimeter + my 35 year old analog (non storage!) Chinese scope. Good luck in your quest...
  8. Cyclepath

    Battery replacement

    Hey OP, I would also suggest to review this informative clip by Fortnine on modern battery technologies / models offered for motorcycles. That may help you shortlist your choices a bit. Good luck in your quest...
  9. Cyclepath

    Bar end nut removal?

    Interesting - my experiences in the past with my Gen1, were to just loosen the locking bolt (as you stated at the end of the handlebars), and then have just been able to wiggle them out. I think the locking behaviour inside the (handlebar pipe) is due to an offset cam pair of metal blocks (?)...
  10. Cyclepath

    New bike new farkles

    Ok Brodie - I understand your frustration. Best I can do right now is mark up a couple pics taken on road trips (while piloting my old Gen1) last fall.  I've tried to point out the elements in these pics, think they should make sense. Google album revealing evolution of mounting for custom...
  11. Cyclepath

    New bike new farkles

    Hey mdisher, both on my [previous] Gen1, and now on my newer Gen3, I am using a handmade aluminum plate to span both the hydraulic master cylinders (clutch on left, front brake on right) and mounting USB power convertors + a RAM ball with my large Android GPS tablet hanging off it. Just replaced...
  12. Cyclepath

    Foot Shields

    I'm shocked that Mama Yama seems to think $498 semolians is somehow a reasonable price to ask for something like that.  🙄 Sorry, no idea yet on instructions...
  13. Cyclepath

    Avon 3D X-M

    I've also enjoyed these Avons on my own Gen1 on and off for about 4 years now.  They really do compare favourably to Michelin PRx series in tread life, and are also cheaper.  In terms of grip, I've never been concerned with them when leaned over and whittling down my chicken strips.
  14. Cyclepath

    Select a shock for me, please

    As I've offered info here in the past, in 2013 I bought a HyperPro (Netherlands origin) through EMP (Klaus Heinecke) in New Jersey. They tailor the spring to the weight of you and your passenger, and the package I bought...
  15. Cyclepath

    Turn signal cancel module

    I've previously wondered about this too.
  16. Cyclepath

    Top Box Wiring

    Interesting. A previous owner of my old Gen1 simple spliced into the brakelight hot & ground (black) wires right at the back of one of the sockets, and ran that pair of wires out through a tiny hole in the FJR tailpiece body work. That wire just uses an SAE 2-wire molded plug, which ties into a...
  17. Cyclepath

    Top Box Wiring

    Can you elaborate Zeb, what brand / model of "top box" are you talking about here? Has your 2008 been modified with any pigtail leads already coming off your brakelight socket in the tailpiece?
  18. Cyclepath

    sena crap

    On our old Sena SMH-10s, you could set levels like that when we have it connected by USB to our computers. Use a setting in the PC application which also allows us to update the device firmware, set 3 priority phone numbers, etc.
  19. Cyclepath

    Finally found LED and Incandescent compatible Blinker Fluid!

    Nothing quite like being really prepared!
  20. Cyclepath


    Instead of a pretty little smuggler on my old Gen1, I opted for a close colour-matched small drybag. Removable in a pinch, waterproof (can even float it), and only cost me about $85 Canuckistan bucks a couple years ago. Only small challenge is that whenever I remove the seat halves, I just...