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    2007 FJarhg

    Nice bike photos and love the background of the old covered bridges.
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    2019 FJR 1300 ES - Columbia MD

    Looks nice! Would certainly enhance visibility.
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    2019 FJR 1300 ES - Columbia MD

    That's a beautiful bike you got there! Excellent additions as well.
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    New to FJR, rode HD,Goldwings,Cruisers for decades, wife doesn’t want to ride anymore

    What a beauty. Congrats on your new ride! Nice to have you here. Welcome, and enjoy!
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    Unexpected Ride Change

    Glad you walked away with minor injuries. Welcome. Enjoy the forum and your new ride!
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    jwr521 2014 FJR1300A

    Glad to have you here. Nice ride, I like that color. Congratulations! Welcome.
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    New to me 14ES

    Fantastic! Congrats on the new bike.
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    "New" 2019 FJR1300A, from St. Louis (to Texas)

    Welcome. That's looking cool, congratulations.
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    2015 FJR1300A

    Congrats on your new ride.
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    Picked up my new 2022 FJR

    You're welcome.
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    Picked up my new 2022 FJR

    Welcome, congrats on your new bike, and have fun.
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    That big silver one is really neat looking. Is the "body" to make it more aerodynamic?