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    New Toy

    Canadian FJR,   I recommend seeing if you can get your hands on David Hough's book on riding a sidecar, "Driving A Sidecar Outfit".  It is known as the Yellow Book and widely regarded as the gold standard for learning how to ride a sidecar.  It is out of print and hard to find (there is a used...
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    New Toy

    As God intended.  All sidecar rigs do so.
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    Split: Off topic about Harleys

    When a turn signal is activated our auxiliary lights turn off.  
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    Split: Off topic about Harleys

    I run with my high beams and amber auxiliary lights on during the day.  Unlike loud pipes, running lights for conspicuity works.   At the inquest looking into the circumstances of my death, when the clueless dolt who turned in front of me says, “I just didn’t see him”, I want the entire room to...
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    New Toy

    Welcome to the world of the Ural, Canadian FJR!  We have two Gear Ups.   Ours are newer (2018 & 19) and have fuel injection.  They are a blast to ride especially off pavement (I never realized what a great dirt rider I am until I got the Ural) and in the snow.  If you can hear a tic over the...
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    You are right about the Bighorns being a good ride. Haven’t made it there this year.  BigJohnSD to the courtesy phone, please. 
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    We rode thru Yellowstone ten days ago and stayed the night about eight miles west of the park.  Temps were high 30s to mid-70s.     The Beartooth has already shut down because of snow once this season.  It reopened but predicting the weather up there is a crap shoot.  Not sure what you mean by...
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    2015 front tire prematurely wearing (cupping/scalloping)

    I’ve had good luck in significantly reducing the incidence of scalloping by running the front tire at 40 PSI. This is/was true on a R1200RT, FJR, Super Tenere, R1200R, R1200GS and R1200GSA.   Once it starts on a tire there is no reversing the damage. 
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    Anyone hear from Fred W?

    Answer the damn question. Have you heard from yourself?
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    How to remove Plexsus from Shoei pinlock insert??

    Okay, I never have used Plexus on an insert.  Only thing I’ve ever used is water. 
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    How to remove Plexsus from Shoei pinlock insert??

    The insert is also very soft relative to the visor or other plastics you’ve been cleaning.  It may be scratched. 
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    What is this wire?

    They are all wrong.... trust me.  It is a rectal probe.  When properly "mounted" it tells the ECU when you are about to crap your pants and the ECU limits the power output by 50%.  Use some good lube when you insert it (Yamaha requires the lube to be rated by the API as ASS,  but that is a...
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    Garmin RansomWare hack - $10 Million

    Why would not a large operation like Garmin have a system in which all emails that have attachments are checked for malware before being forwarded to an employee? Why would not a large operation like Garmin have a protected back-up of all their important software and data?
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    New progect

    Do you deliver???
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    2012 Tenere

    I had a 2012 S10.  I replaced the clutch basket which eliminated the chudder it was having and replaced the CCT with an adjustable aftermarket version.  Pay particular attention to the seal of the stick coils to valve cover.  My left side spark plug hole would leak and corrode the plug.  It was...
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    Spokane WA to Fort Phil Kearny Wyoming

    If you like reading about the early days in MT, WY and ID, then read this book:  "Life and Death on the Upper Missouri: The Frontier Sketches of Johnny Healy"  Healy was a fur trapper, guide, Indian fighter, Sheriff of Choteau County (Ft Benton) and editor of the Ft Benton newspaper.  Great read. 
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    DV March 2020

    Had an S10; now have a GSA and a Ural.  
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    Be on the lookout for these two bad assses.

    The BMW dynamic shocks are similar in price to the FJR's.  Ted Porter at the BeemerShop is able to transfer the electronics from the OE Beemer shocks to new shocks. He is one of the best informed people I know of when it comes to suspension.  Despite the name of his shop he works with all makes...
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    SOLD: 2015 FJR1300 ES, only 3907 miles

    $10,500 as shown on the Craigslist link.