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    2008 FJR1300 battery (yes I searched)

    Ignacio i guess you're just better than me. Rosskean - thanks thats what i needed. --Kevin
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    2008 FJR1300 battery (yes I searched)

    I don't want to discuss battery technology. I want the most powerful AGM battery that fits the 2008 FJR1300 properly. I did search. Unable to find anything helpful on this subject. --Kevin
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    FJR Shock (OEM)

    I would be interested if the shock is not already taken.  Milford ct 06461.  I have PayPal or Venmo. —Kevin
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    +1 on the barkbuster blizzards.  Got mine several years ago.   Easy on/off.  Work well. --Kevin
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    Shoei Neotec 2 Sizing

    I had a Shoei Multitec XL and ended up in a Neotec 2 L. Same size head. The Neotec 2 seems snug but probably fits better than the Multitec did. --Kevin
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    SOLD - 2007 FJR Seats with Spencer Mod

    Interested in the stock seat. Am I correct that it is both front and back for $100? --Kevin
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    2008 Seats on Craigslist in Montana

    I tried via text and phone calls and reached him. After looong discussions he's afraid of paypal/checks/whatever. Won't quote shipping. Too much trouble. Not worth the hassle. --Kevin
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    Suspension for sale Shock / fork springs

    Any chance of selling the rear shock separate? I already have the HP front springs and setup. I have a 2008 Gen II in CT. --Kevin
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    Handle bar covers

    I have the barkbuster BBZ multi fit on my 2008. Works great. --Kevin
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    Carbtune Pro hoses not fitting

    Been on to other things for a while - sorry for the lack of reply. I'll try to get a picture, but before I open it up again I'll need to source some new hoses to make new lengths from the restrictors to the nipples. I recall getting the gauge used. Maybe the PO somehow stretched out the ends...
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    Carbtune Pro hoses not fitting

    I finally did a TB sync last night on my 2008 FJR. I have a brand-new carbtune gauge. I found the hoses were very hard to get on to the #3 and #4 nipples due to an adjacent hose on each TB. Also the carbtune hoses seemed quite loose on the vacuum nipples and could easily be displaced to the...
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    HyperPro Fork Springs for ALL model FJRs

    Same here. Got the springs from EPM. Had some discussion with Klaus as I ran out of oil from the kit they sent. Not sure what happened but my air gap is fine with a few oz of extra oil.. This was two seasons ago and it has been fine. I did have a shop replace the seals and bushings while...
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    G2 throttle tamer?

    Contact G2. They helped me when I buggered a TT up trying to get it over oxford grips. They have a special one for that use. --Kevin
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    First Gear Pants Damage Repair

    Firstgear has pretty good customer support. I sent in an older pair of HT overpants for repairs to several zippers. Not sure if they may have sent back a new pair when I got them back. An alternative for all sorts of outerwear repair is They also do nice work on all sorts...
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    Hand guards Gen II - Type, cost, install

    I used these: Yes, expensive but very effective and not hard to put on. If I recall there was a bolt-length issue on one on my fjr (gen 2) but they fit fine with a mcgyver'd spacer. --Kevin
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    I have a 2008 with the MV risers and the barkbuster Blizzard handguards. They don't touch the tank that I know of. Would only be in the tightest of turns (think parking space maneuvers) and then they are soft, so not an issue if they do touch. Mine do touch the Yam Touring windshield in...
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    Unused Gen II garauld stiffy kit for sale

    I'll take it. PM inbound. --Kevin
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    Hyperpro fork springs on Gen II - HOW MUCH OIL?

    Oil containers were 1 Liter, not quart. Someday I'll see if the oil levels are equal in the forks. Still works just fine. --Kevin
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    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Just finished a month-long (waiting for parts and info and such) maintenance period on my 2008. FZ1 Mirrors (big thumbs up) Cyclops H4 replacement LED headlight bulbs (meh, probably will remove them when something better comes along) Koso volt meter (big thumbs up - anyone want to buy a datel...
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    Hyperpro fork springs on Gen II - HOW MUCH OIL?

    Not sure about all these details of sprint rate and type. The end result is that the bike drives beautifully. I was able to hit the sag measurement they wanted easily. What is actually happening to the spring inside the fork tube is not my concern. That the bike rides and corners well is...