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    Parts For Sale 2007 Yamaha FJR Aftermarket and Stock Parts

    Shipped price on kn filter please, Texas.
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    Parts For Sale Parting Out My ‘08 (Update)

    You have the small black plastic knob to adjust headlight on left side?
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    Parts For Sale FJR Touchup paint For Sale

    Happy retirement. The side panel you repainted for my gen II in Texas still looks great.
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    Michelin Road 6 GTs For Sale New

    If previous inquiries don’t pan out I’m interested
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    FJR Shock (OEM)

    Is this still on??
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    Service Manual Gen 2 (2006-2012)

    If sale falls through I will buy it
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    FJR Shock (OEM)

    Sorry man I was on the road. I didn’t get the pm not sure why. Anyway, just found out I’ll need surgery so I gotta wait and see if I can still ride after surgery. I see others are interested. 
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    FJR Shock (OEM)

    What’s the price shipped to 78253?
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    Rims for Sale

    You have the rear wheel Collar spacer ? Its part number 90387-206W8-00 on the parts shark catalog