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  1. Panman

    "The Why Not" gravel road

    I think Dave has led both Rich and I down this road before so it wasn't our first rodeo. I have a few shots I'll try and add later.
  2. Panman

    FJR on Pieowa

    I was wondering who would have the first response! :cool:
  3. Panman

    SW Colorado with my nephew part 3

    Great read, thanks for the ride. Canyonlands always makes me smile standing on a rim looking down and out and seeing another canyon as deep! Also good to hear that you are out and about, wishing the best for Tammy's full recovery.
  4. Panman

    Some days are better than others ...

    Looking good wish I could have made this one!
  5. Panman

    First 2023 Ride

    That's Don or DC Archie. :) Just got told not to come down to the RV camp Ground Rancho Oso out on Paradise Rd by San Marcos Pass do the rain issues. Good to see your still kicking Don thanks for the ride.
  6. Panman

    Diablo Lookout 12/16/22

    2014 Yamaha Super Tenere, compliments the 07 FJR quite nicely.
  7. Panman

    Diablo Lookout 12/16/22

    I forgot to mention that the guys met me at the Snohomish Buzz Inn for breakfast the morning of my birthday.
  8. Panman

    Diablo Lookout 12/16/22

    Sun in the forecast so Jeff my old AOG friend and I decided to run up Hwy 20 for something to do. A cold 27 degrees to start a great day! After breakfast at Ellie's at the Arlington airport we rode out 530 to catch 20 Rockport. Jeff following on his RK. Had to park the bikes at the...
  9. Panman

    Mt. Baker, 2014

    Left to right, Dave, Rich and George. A Different trip. 2018
  10. Panman

    Sherman Pass: A Great Ride!

    Nice ride report, I enjoyed the layout also.
  11. Panman

    Could be Epic

    If you don't mind a little grave take One to 38 to Grantsdale.
  12. Panman

    Shitty Day Ride to Big Sur

    Don't look to bad to me, missed ya brother! The pie tart and I both had tears during the show. By the way Loud and proud missed ya to.
  13. Panman

    Could be Epic

  14. Panman

    Spain, 2022

    Very nice, I'll be your sweetie is smiling at you and the two of yours son for doing this together. Good job!
  15. Panman

    KrZy8, 250,000 miles later

    You missed one.
  16. Panman

    Goodmans wrecked in KY

    Heal well my friends, don't be to hard on yourself. Sounds like you have learned something, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
  17. Panman

    165 mile day ride on the 1981 Honda CBX

    Pretty nice!
  18. Panman

    The Last Pie Ride

    Looked like a good day, can't wait to get back down there and explore more!
  19. Panman

    65 year old rider, 59 year old bike RR

    Dam Bug, that was almost mean! I almost pissed myself laughing.