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    Battery replacement

    My yuasa batteries have lasted around 4 years. I am on a third replacement after the last one was down to 48% cca capacity.
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    Battery replacement

    Did you go with the 480 cca or a higher capacity model? Ebay has a variety of antigravity li batteries
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    COX Rad Guard

    "... you'd have many millions of miles of hole-free riding." Now if someone paraphrased that out of context...
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    2010 FJR1300 Saddlebags

    Those bags look pretty cool
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    If you need a new rear shock...check this out...

    They also have a pull out tray for a picnic on the road and a small refrigerated compartment for the cheese
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    First Gear Kilimanjaro Jacket - likes and dislikes?

    That's a great point on the rain properties and ventilation for the desert. I already have two mesh jackets so this might be an option for my next purchase
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    V Lift Motorcycle Lift

    Does it rest on the headers?
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    LIN3 as auxiliary brake light

    How did you route the wires? I am thinking about routing along the wires for my Givi trunk and under back seat
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    Touch-up paint for 2013

    I was looking at the color rite aerosol kit for $89 but I have a deep 4" scratch on lower fairing that will likely require a little bit of body filler so I am now thinking I will need to buy the base coat in a bottle plus primer and primer adhesive promoter plus clear coat...
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    New Windshield

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    New Windshield

    Do you know what specific Vstrom model it is? Unless they only sell one for the FJR?
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    LED H4 replacements (at the risk of being labeled 'search defective')

    Same here, I am installing CW lights soon and if your LED experiment turns out to work well for our bikes this would be the next step for me.
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    Where can I buy a steering bearing socket?

    Conversely, I saw one here for $32.00:
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    MC Enterprises tip over guards - are they any good?

    I will recognize your bike if I see you riding in the hill country one of these days