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    Bike Instability above 70mph on interstate

    Properly set up, the fjr is very stable at speeds north of 100 mph, damhik. Many of us run our tires at 40 front and 42 rear which may help. You might want to check the triple tree bearings for proper wear and torque.

    My dad was killed in a motorcycle accident 07/29

    Sorry for your unexpected loss. Very glad to hear that your dad is right with God and is with Him now.

    Auto-off blinker kit for 2006?

    A few of us have installed the Smart Turn 2 unit and are very happy with the results. PM me if you want more details.

    Why does a bike turn

    Hey DC, <insert smart ass remark here> True the guy in your post makes sense but it's technically off topic. He explains how to induce a bike to turn, but not the dynamic factors involved with why a bike actually turns. Mechanics vs. physics.....

    Why does a bike turn

    Great point Mike. Maybe that's why the Oroville dam never got the funding to get properly repaired ahead of time because politicians diverted the funding to black hole studies such as why a bike turns.....

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Hey Pants, 7 days! You should have lots of rubber room with that 4GT on the trip westward ho. No wait...I've seen how you ride. I'm trying to reconcile the differences in mileage between riders with the same tire. The first thing to consider would be right hand grip. But if some members can...

    Oil for long distance riding

    The Yamaha dealer in Burleson recommends and uses 20W-50 for our warmer DFW climate.

    took one for the team

    Sorry for the truck, glad for you. Stupid is right

    Seat Concepts

    I put one on my Gen I. It is decent quality and I was happy with the install as an overall improvement over stock. But I have to agree with big John, for a little more money you can get your seat recovered by a premium seat maker and have a lot more long distance comfort.
  10. NTXFJR

    "I want you to enjoy your bike."

    Sorry to hear this Mac. May her journey be as peaceful as possible during this time of trials.
  11. NTXFJR

    Going to the Dark Side

    Great input. Thanks much Mr B!
  12. NTXFJR

    Orville Dam- The Latest

    I'd be willing to bet that the engineering community made their recommendations, they aren't completely clueless on stuff like this, but that the political funding / prioritization processes got in the way
  13. NTXFJR

    Orville Dam- The Latest

    Pretty impressive. Looking at this pic makes the slab look to be around 2 or 3 ft thick?
  14. NTXFJR

    Split: 190 tires

    My PR4 190/55 made my speedo and odo dead nuts accurate. Until the tire wore down a bit of course, but it's still better accuracy than the stock 180 imo.
  15. NTXFJR

    What can Yamaha do to Improve the FJR?

    "How hard is it to add self-cancelling turn signals? Come-on!!!!!!" - Exactly. Apparently one has to spend something north of $20k for this feature. Weight might be a double edged sword. it might be a bitch to wrestle with in slow motion or even in hard twistys, but I love the feeling of...
  16. NTXFJR

    What can Yamaha do to Improve the FJR?

    Auto cancelling turn signals of course. For us forgetful ones that wake up in a new world everyday.
  17. NTXFJR

    Happy New Year YFF

    That Montana pic is funny. Just wait till August, maybe it will be 102F like it was for us in Billings last summer.
  18. NTXFJR

    6 speed MPG

    What is throttle control?
  19. NTXFJR

    6 speed MPG

    I can't say a whole lot of difference for mine. I followed a '14 around Colorado for a couple of days and we both got very similar mpgs. I haven't done more than a casual observation of fuel economy while in tour mode but I didn't see much difference between the two when locked in to cruise on...
  20. NTXFJR

    The Bionic Man

    And the wife is tolerating those feet up and doing nothing?? I'm jealous as hell. Outstanding John, they seem to have their shit together on these joint replacements these days.