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  1. Panman

    Gen2 headlight adjusters stripped

    I will say they are a PIA!
  2. Panman

    Gen2 headlight adjusters stripped

    I'd be more suspect of something amiss between #'s 4 thru 10? Clicky
  3. Panman

    Garmin Zumo discount

    Thanks, old but always willing to look!
  4. Panman

    Garmin Zumo discount

    I use my PC for updates, never got into Basecamp as it seemed to complicated.
  5. Panman

    Garmin Zumo discount

    They do little things that are quit nice, I love paper maps, Google Maps, writing down road names to explore and getting lost. But............................... They find Gas Stations. They find Hospitals. They find food. They find Liquor stores. Sometimes when you played late and some place...
  6. Panman

    $3 short term farkle response to forecast change

    My friend Gorgeous G wouldn't approve but anything in a pinch!
  7. Panman

    Fatter Grips

    Grip Puppies here, size 3-XL to 4-XL gloves for me.
  8. Panman

    Tan 'Stitch Colorfastness

    I have a Roadcrafter two piece in Tan, so far so good.
  9. Panman

    Mileage between Brake jobs

    I just checked the Drawer and I have a new set waiting to go in at a little over 120,000. Being the cheap ass that I am I have been using up the pads that had life in them from my first change. Now I'm think I'd better take a look! My notes tell me I changed the rears at 52,000 and fronts at...
  10. Panman

    Mileage between Brake jobs

    My first Change was about 50,000.
  11. Panman

    Clearwater auxiliary lights info

    I would make sure the light's are dimmable, my Rigid's are not. Not a big deal if you only want them to turn on with the high beams but some folks like to run them to be more conspicuous running in day time traffic. I put a small set of 2" (1 /14 Lens) LED's that are dimmable to 20% with the...
  12. Panman

    Fobo Question?

    If you watch the tire pressures you will notice that when you find the sweet spot they will fluctuate less. Meaning that when I run what Yamaha tells me my temps run higher temp fluctuations than what a fat man requires like 42 - 44 rear for me and 41 - 43 front. Racer's watch the temp as much...
  13. Panman

    Yamaha 50 liter top case mount

    Did you need to make any modifications, on my 07 it appeared to need some clearance's cut to use my smuggler.
  14. Panman

    Yamaha 50 liter top case mount

    Support will not work with the Corbin Smuggler without modifications. For anyone is that might be considering it.
  15. Panman

    Installing Mc Cruise on 2012 FJR

    Post up how it goes, I have one here waiting to be installed on my 07.
  16. Panman

    Tues Signal Canceller

    I like the one one my FJR also.
  17. Panman

    Who's installed the FuzeBlocks FZ-1 on their bike?

    I mounted mine back in the tail of my 07, made up a little bracket out of acouple of pieces of Al Angle and a piece of Lexan. For a trigger I used the heated grips power wire as they don't come on thill the bike is running. Funny thing is that just in the last few months I thought that mine...
  18. Panman

    Gen II ECU reflash by Ivan

    So my 07 it would be best to check?
  19. Panman

    Gen II ECU reflash by Ivan

    So those of us that never changed the CO setting don't have to do that?