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  1. Toter

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    Interested in the process. Temp and cook time. I've got a big green egg I am wanting to do a brisket flat on. Hope it turns out great!!
  2. Toter

    Greetings from Cumming GA

    Welcome from Jasper, GA! Enjoy the new ride.
  3. Toter

    Sending a custom route to an Android phone

    If you find that difficult......well, nuff said.
  4. Toter

    Sending a custom route to an Android phone

    If you create the route in google maps and share the map to your phone number, you will recieve a long text with all the turn by turns. At the bottom of text will be a link. Click on the link and it will open in google maps. Once opened, you may have to edit stops, then add to home screen. You...
  5. Toter

    Is the preload on the rear shock on a ES adequate ?

    I  find the settings on my 15 ES to be entirely adequate with bike loaded up for a trip solo. I am about 250 lbs. Set at 2 helmets, std +3, is my normal setting. I set to soft-3 for slabbing, and go to hard +3 for serious twisties like the dragon or snake. I love the convenience of changing on...
  6. Toter

    Trusting a Mechanic After a Mistake

    Everyone makes mistakes, but, as a mechanic working for a living, that is a very bad mistake. Life endangering in fact. He sounds like he wants to make things right. I would let him pay for parts and have the job done by someone qualified. Removing brake rotors is a PIA due to locktite. Don't...
  7. Toter

    Misc Yamaha Parts

    Gary, I'll take it. Ed [email protected]  770-596-2718
  8. Toter

    wanted: rear seat

    Thinking shipping may be a problem to down under.
  9. Toter

    wanted: rear seat

    Have a stock set off a 2006. $125 + shipping.
  10. Toter

    2020 FJR1300

    2020 FJR is out on Yamaha website. Liquid Graphite, ES only.
  11. Toter

    Some lightning photography showing-off

    Great captures! Can you tell us a little about the equipment you used. I have done a lot of basketball photography and a few moon shots. Having to set the white balance for each gym was a normal setup routine. And moon shots require daylight WB, since it is in fact, reflected sunlight. Curious...
  12. Toter

    Odometer tampering?!?

    I had an 06 that had a recall on the gauge panel. They provided a sticker that was to be attached somewhere, on the bike. They may have put it on the back of the gauge panel, out of normal view, or not at all. Kind of shifty to me. I believe ECU would contain actual miles. Most people would...
  13. Toter

    New to me 2015 FJR 1300 ES

    Got an Olympia Moto X 2 jacket with high viz panels coming. Redfish, I'll check out your aux. lighting at SFO in a few days. Thanks all.
  14. Toter

    ear buds or in helmet bluetooth

    +1 On the Surefire Sonic Defender plugs. I use them with a Cardo Packtalk Bold unit with the JBL speakers in my Shoei Neotec helmet. They seal well and the sound from the helmet speakers comes through very well. I leave the filter plugs in as without them you hear too much wind noise.
  15. Toter

    Scotch or Bourbon?

    Jack Daniels in all it's varieties. Been a Tennessee Squire for 30+ years.🥃🥃
  16. Toter

    "Wheel Bearings" - FYI - Another Rhetorical rant....

    Have never had an issue with wheel bearings on an FJR. I did have to change front wheel bearings on my 2015 HD Road King at 20,000 miles. Harley Davidson changed some years back to a thinner bearing sourced from China. These bearings are sealed and often have insufficient grease inside. Not sure...
  17. Toter

    Gen 3, left side stock exhaust can.

    Looking for a stock left side exhaust can for a 2015. Must be without scratches or dents. Call or text Ed at 7seven oh5nine6two71eight
  18. Toter

    New to me 2015 FJR 1300 ES

    Rode up to my buddies place in Blue Ridge, about 45 miles. Helped him do some construction in his workshop. On the ride back down a 2 lanes each way 65 mph highway, had another lady whip over right into my lane. This time there was no traffic slowing, just out of the blue lane change with no...
  19. Toter

    Right Bag chrome trim piece - No longer needed

    Thanks guys. Ordered the Yamaha insert separately. Now to figure out what to use to mount it.