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  1. Doug Clymer

    RF-1100 replacement part

    Greetings fellow riders! I recently had a heavy, small item get flipped up on the I-80 freeway that clipped my windsheild and smacked me in my new face sheild. This hit not only broke my new sheild but busted the sheild mechinism on the left side of my helmet. I have been told and tried to find...
  2. Doug Clymer

    West Coast Gathering (WCG) - Group Dinner Info - June 17, 2023

    That wouId be me, unable to make it back from Costa Rica
  3. Doug Clymer

    West Coast Gathering (WCG) - June 15-18, 2023, Fort Bragg, CA

    I just signed up but will need to head out Saturday afternoon..