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    2016ES factory Demo bike for sale, concerns

    Here's one new for same price in Chatsworth Cali. Maybe show it to a local dealer to see if they'd match it?

    Cold Starting

    Does it stay at 13.1 after running for it for a while?

    Cold Starting

    Might want to get the battery load tested, if it's good then you could do an amp check on the starter motor. Acting up also when it's hot out makes it sound like a bad starter motor drawing more amps than it should.

    FJR Mileage Milestones

    Don't know if this is really a milestone compared to some of the big dogs in here, but my '16 that I picked up April 15th turned 10k on the way home from Hooterville last week, and it's now ready for another set of rubber.

    FJR vs CanAm fully loaded

    Still working on getting that bike comfortable to you are ya? But then again it is Friday!

    Dark spot on display after sitting in the sun, only 70 deg

    Some of us don't need a magnifying glass to make a vagigi get hotter'n 70 degrees..... jsns

    New 2017 FJR Announced, Raven it is!

    Gotta have both hands in the air when you say that!

    Heavy ...

    That thing looks like a great idea. Leave it to me though, I'd prolly drop my bike on the bag the jack is in Mr Garauld, think you could make us something like this?

    Yamaha's Biggest Sale/Rebates?

    Quit trying to talk him out of a '16, Can't y'all tell he has his mind made up already? Sheesh, jealousy....
  10. NTXFJR

    Well, it finally happened....

    Yep, I bought my Gen 1 with a bent upward right mirror mount. The stay was a steel welded assembly so that I was able to bend the mirror mount back into place and all was well. Like Mac says, it appears to be a retrograde aka money maker on the Gen III;s for mama.
  11. NTXFJR

    Figured out what the initials stand for

    I tried the Yamaha touring screen on my bike for a couple of days and took it back. It was almost right for me at 5'10" but left me looking for just a bit more. I went with the Cee Bailey mid size shield and it wound up being almost identical for me to the touring screen.
  12. NTXFJR

    ES VS A

    +1 on the A. Nothing against the ES, I can appreciate the ability of the ES for easier suspension adjustments plus the '16 model now has those nifty lean angle cornering lights. But as a technician and a cheap bastage, I went with the A because I cringe at the thought of having to rebuild an ES...
  13. NTXFJR

    And Here's ANOTHER Gripe about Gen III FJRs

    "makes it too easy to forget to zero the gauge" Sounds like you're showing your age there
  14. NTXFJR

    2016 Is Official 6-spd, Slipper, LEDs, Analog Tach, Price

    Sheesh, like Zilla said a few weeks back, sometimes you guys just sound so effing smart! If cold air intake kits increase performance, maybe just daisy chain a bunch of them together in a row and strap them on. If one is good, 10 has to be 10 times better. I'll post back up in a bit with my...
  15. NTXFJR

    2016 Is Official 6-spd, Slipper, LEDs, Analog Tach, Price

    There's a link to Gravatar in the change my photo page. Click on it and you can upload your pic to that site. It massages it to a size this site will accept.
  16. NTXFJR

    FJR Mileage Milestones

    Wait a minute, you kanucks don't use miles, looks like a rigged photo to me What it that, something like 245000 in kilo's? Congrats!
  17. NTXFJR

    Well, it finally happened....

    Dayum, shit just happens sometimes. Sorry about your injuries. Heal up well, sounds like your feej is going to beat you to it though! How many miles you have on it?
  18. NTXFJR

    FJR Fees

    Yamaha has a pre sale order program where a pre sold unit goes to that dealer before other order requests are filled, which is how mine came. You might have to wait a couple of weeks for it to come in, or your dealer might be able to work a trade with a dealer that has one.
  19. NTXFJR

    FJR Fees

    My local DFW dealer came in at around $600 less in April total OTD on mine, but it was a straight purchase with no trade. I've been told that car dealers make more money on trade in sales turnarounds than they do on the new vehicle. Assuming the same is true for motorcycles, your dealer might...
  20. NTXFJR

    2016 Is Official 6-spd, Slipper, LEDs, Analog Tach, Price

    Dayum, they're already offering '16 used models?? Congrats!