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  1. RiderJoe

    Just bought my 1st FJR

    I find it really odd that ‘06 FJR owners (new or existing ones) are given different answers in the US. I am not sure if state laws play into that, but NHTSA recalls are a must to fix - as I understand. I may be wrong, but this is what my experience was with the my bike’s recalls: I live in...
  2. RiderJoe

    Do you all get “challenged” at stop lights?

    I understand how you feel. I am a Web User Interface developer, and I too, have trouble with some mobile apps. The number of junk apps out there is mindblowing. Many of them are published by manufacturers of products we buy to work with their products. There is very little incentive for them to...
  3. RiderJoe

    Do you all get “challenged” at stop lights?

    You don’t need to be concerned with the “techno” side for your truck. My wife got the cam for the car for me. All I had to do is press the suction cup it is mounted on and the GPS module to the windshield behind the rear view mirror. Then I routed the power wire at the top and left edge of the...
  4. RiderJoe

    Do you all get “challenged” at stop lights?

    I got a dash cam for my car a couple of years ago just for situations mentioned. To keep the record straight.
  5. RiderJoe

    Do you all get “challenged” at stop lights?

    I agree. Where I live I see vehicles running red lights (green on my side) almost daily. It is very common in two intersections nearby where a driver has to wait 2-3 light turns before he can make it through. Yes, it is sad that red lights are now merely “suggestions” to stop. So, expect that...
  6. RiderJoe

    FJR Age Limit

    Pending on where you live you might be able to find a private wrench/shop to work on your bike, and even for less than what dealers charge. A few good car mechanics are sometimes up to working on bikes for a change of pace too. Of course, unless you are lucky, none of these technicians are...
  7. RiderJoe

    proud new owner of an FJR :)

    @VAcracker what year is your bike? I have an '06 that had an altitude sickness issue before I replaced the ECU. The symptoms were close to what you are describing, but only occurred after riding to a high elevation in a very easy pace. I am considering Ivan's flash.
  8. RiderJoe

    I've ridden a few thousand miles on my 05 FJR

    Well, I am not sure how I can help you. You say that you love the bike, but after listing all things that suck and you hate about it, there is not much left to love, IMHO. Not knowing anything about the bike, the condition it is in, and what has been doe to it already, leaves a lot to guesswork...
  9. RiderJoe

    Why online motorcycle forums (fora?) are dying, so claims this article

    I find this topic very interesting, and I too wonder what new owners will do. I have been in the FJR forums since 2003, when I got my first FJR. Over the years read a lot of information and learned a lot from them. I also appreciated the site while it was active, and still refer to...
  10. RiderJoe

    Changing 2006 Gen 2 Fork-Oil

    I agree with @Oldjeep and @RossKean 's recommendations above. If you want to change the fork oil, the effort of doing that properly (by removing the forks) gets you to a point that changing the bushings and seals at the same time would be only half more amount of work, and that would give you...
  11. RiderJoe

    2022 Break-in oil change/filter

    +1 for the Mobile 1 filters. An added benefit for them is that they are painted black. Through the years I also used Purolator ONE (PL 14610) filters without any issues. They are also good quality, and can be purchased for less than $10 ea. from Pep Boys, etc. They come in blue, but I usually...
  12. RiderJoe

    2003 OEM Muffler question

    @RossKean, thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts. I appreciate it. My bike came with the PCIII, and I can confirm that the mileage I get on the '06 is noticeably lower than what I got from my '03 that did not have it. I am not overly concerned about the mileage discrepancy...
  13. RiderJoe

    2003 OEM Muffler question

    Hi RossKean, My '06 came with a set of Leo Vince Titanium cans mounted too, but the original mufflers also were included. I like the sound of the LV cans - they are barely used as the bike only has 8K on it now. However, if down the road the LV cans get will get much louder, I will want to...
  14. RiderJoe

    HELP! - Retired, will the FJR1300 fit in the garage?

    😄 @BigOgre not really, she is older than me, and I am not young. What I was trying to say is that time moves on, and compared to how old Marilyn Monroe (born in 1926) would be by now, yes, Christie Brinkley (1954) would be somewhat younger.
  15. RiderJoe

    HELP! - Retired, will the FJR1300 fit in the garage?

    ... yes, she was stunningly beautiful in her time, but time moves on, and so does technology. Since you only have room for one favorite in your garage, you must choose - someone (or something) younger like Christie Brinkley, Charlese Theron, Beyonce, or, you may have to settle for an FJR1300? I...
  16. RiderJoe

    HELP! - Retired, will the FJR1300 fit in the garage?

    @Deegee The Roadliner is a nice bike, but are you sure you will be riding it much after getting the FJR? The Feejer may just nicely fit in it's place... - just asking.
  17. RiderJoe

    2006 For Consideraton

    I just bought an '06 in April with very low miles. The bike is in near new condition without issues - except that not all recalls and Tech Service bulletins have been taken care of. The NHTSA recalls will be honored by Yamaha service centers, but all the Tech Service Bulletins have expired. My...