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  1. wingshot

    The Why Not 2023 - Registration, Dinner and Shirt Orders- 7/19/23 UPDATE - WITH FREE STUFF!

    If you are ok sharing a room, there is space in the one I have.
  2. wingshot

    The WHY NOT 2023 is a reality!

    Room booked; upstairs double. Anyone want to room share?
  3. wingshot

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    Anyone with a good pork chop recipe?
  4. wingshot

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    My smoking journey continues... Picked up a used Treager with some working issues - it kept tripping breakers. A little pb blaster on the moving parts, cleaned the fan blades, and changed out the pot and heat stick - Presto a brand new working Treager.
  5. wingshot

    Sold S O L D Olympia Riding Suit, very good condition, CE armor, includes thermal liner

    Interested in the Olympia Suit, let me know. I have a lined suit currently so not interested in First Gear suit.
  6. wingshot

    2012 FJR - Pull Back Handle Bars

    AuburnFJR did a write up on installing a tubular handlebar. I recall it was around 2017. A quick search should help you find the thread.
  7. wingshot

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    My smoking journey over the past 2 years has been from a Bullet briquette to a Sportsman gas and now to a Traeger pellet. I would like to thank you all for the on going discussion that I read on a regular basis for my education. Question for the hive mind, have any of you used the smoke tube...
  8. wingshot

    Not a "Reuben Run or The Last Hurrah" - Gauging Interest on a First Annual " Why Not? " in Lapine, OR

    I support and will help anyway I can with whatever Jay and Mel decide works best for them as they would be doing all the heavy lifting.
  9. wingshot

    New from Washington State

    Welcome from the Eastside - Spokane.
  10. wingshot

    Parts For Sale 2012 FJR Brake Parts, Controls, Wiring, Complete Engine + more

    Not getting hopes up, yet I maybe interested in the engine. Wife and financial discussion will need to take place.
  11. wingshot

    Hello AllGen 1 2005

    Welcome from the Inland Northwest.
  12. wingshot

    Why am I selling the FJR?

    Love hearing the bike is remaining the PNW family!!!
  13. wingshot

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    So many options, so little time to figure out one.
  14. wingshot

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    Thank you both for the quick responses.
  15. wingshot

    Smokers (BBQ - not grilling)

    Do you brine the turkey breasts? If so, what length of time?
  16. wingshot

    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    RIP Ray, I'm so blessed to have been able to attend this years Ruben Run. I was blessed to have known Ray and meet his family.