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  1. RiderJoe


    Hi Dan! Welcome from Southern California! If you take good care of that bike, you might even see 200K miles on the odo, not just 100K. Some forum members here rode their bikes past the 200K mile mark. RiderJoe
  2. RiderJoe

    Back in the saddle!

    Welcome from So. Cal! Enjoy your rides! RiderJoe
  3. RiderJoe

    Long time rider first time member.

    Welcome from So. California! I agree, Utah has amazing roads and scenery. I have ridden there a few times.
  4. RiderJoe

    New FJR member, old FJR (2014)

    Welcome from Moorpark, another rider from So.Cal!
  5. RiderJoe

    Hi there. New to the Forum

    Welcome from Southern California!
  6. RiderJoe

    New Member in Salem, OR

    Well, congratulations to your new ride! You mentioned that the PO was a Yamaha mechanic. That’s good news (hopefully). Still, you should check out the bike thoroughly. Age of tires, rubber parts (hoses) quality, etc. Also, since the bike hasn’t been ridden a lot, I would recommend a change of...
  7. RiderJoe

    Greetings and salutations

    20 years on the Concours? Awesome! You beat me by three years on my first (2003) FJR, which I sold in 2020 to get a very nice 2006 with 7K miles on her. Enjoy your rides!
  8. RiderJoe

    Greetings and salutations

    @credman Are you new to the FJR too, or have been riding it for a while?
  9. RiderJoe

    Greetings and salutations

    Welcome from So. Cal! Glad to have you here.
  10. RiderJoe

    Back to the FJR

    You've got great Gen II in beautiful condition there! Enjoy your rides on her for many, many years to come! RiderJoe from Southern California Question to forum members: The Delkevic cans on @Mixagon's bike appear identical to the Leo Vince exhausts my '06 came with (except his is chrome, and...
  11. RiderJoe

    Greetings and Intro from New FJR1300 Owner

    Welcome from SoCal
  12. RiderJoe

    Rick Mitchell

    Welcome to the forum, Rick! You will find a lot of good information here, some funny stuff, as well is items for sale that you might like. This forum has a wealth of knowledge about riding and your bike. Sincerely, RiderJoe
  13. RiderJoe

    Another new old guy

    Welcome from Moorpark, California!
  14. RiderJoe

    Vmax to FJR

    I traded my ‘86 Magna V65 in 2003 for the first FJR1300 my local dealer was able to order (that is when the FJR became available in the U.S.). Like the OP, I loved the Magna but with 100 mile gaps between fuel stops, no place to pack, and little room left behind me for my wife, it was not the...
  15. RiderJoe

    FJR NooB here!

    @d EVOlved 1 welcome to the Forum from So. Cal! Ride safe, and keep the shiny side up! I had an '03, and yes, it put out a lot of heat. You won't be able to completely eliminate it, but can improve on how much of it is hitting you. Weather stripping worked for me, and a heat resistant...
  16. RiderJoe

    New owner in SoCal

    Deer Creek Road is one of my favorites. I think that it is much nicer going towards HWY1 though, especially on clear days. Spectacular views of the ocean and the islands - but keep your eyes on the road too! I am only a few miles away from you in Moorpark. Welcome to the forum!
  17. RiderJoe


    Welcome to the forum from So. Cal!
  18. RiderJoe

    Motorcycle Junkie

    Welcome @Playwelder ! I am in So Cal, 59 years old, and been riding for 36 years. I used a Vistacruise on my bikes so far. It is an inexpensive throttle lock - not a cruise control - but allows me to give my right hand a break on straight roads or superslabs which I try to avoid as much as I...