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    22nd annual Ride to the Rock

    And l thought northern bikes had next to zero exposure to road salt? Tell me, am I wrong about the close to sea level ownership too? No, not the salt. A quick shot with a hose works the same north or south. Hose not frozen of course. The greater risks to wear there are those straight roads...
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    Motorcycle For Sale 2013 FJR south east Pa

    Again, pics please. l don't think they'd mind if you posted the link to your "for sale" ad here either. As you said, one looks the same as the next and looking at pics isn't as funny as reading this anyway. Mention of a Leo Vince exhaust is an interesting twist though. Please tell us how that...
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    Turn signal cancellation mechanism?

    Ya, I forgot the pic. What a coincidence right?
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    Turn signal cancellation mechanism?

    No STS cancellation on the 05. With a 1st generation dash. I have no excuse to be driving down the road thumbing the turn signal but it still happens. I'm thinking about trying to swap the lights for some fancy new non Chinese digital ones if I can find any? The one's I've seen look bright...
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    Turn signal cancellation mechanism?

    Well Damn Oldjeep, I always thought the expression "I've been Ducatied again" meant something entirely different. When I bought my 05 FJR with 3500 mi on it a year ago. I thought I had been Ducatied because the cancelation switch travel felt almost as smooth with the turn signals on as off. I...
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    Sold Reduced price, $2,900. 2005 FJR for sale.

    Don't say that out loud! Next thing you know you'll start believing it. How many miles?
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    Sold 2016 FJR in TN

    How about Bumping this free to you sale somewhere else? Good spot for a rim discussion. l'm sure there are plenty of members that would like to lose those black shoes and need some productive FJR entertainment this winter. Yes this winter, it's a pretty cheap fix but it does take time. Can't...
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    Ebay special Kawai H2SXSE

    Relax brethren. Yes the opportunity to ride one back from Utah for a profit is gone but the profit wasn't that big. (my bet) I also bet the $4200.00 sale was most likely an agreement made to put a hold on the 28 day listing. While a buyer smart enough to contact the guy, flew out there and...
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    Ebay special Kawai H2SXSE

    A 2nd gen with 5480 mi for $5000.00 "buy it now" There's also another Ebay quandary. A 2018 Kawasaki H2SXSE for $14500.00 that ends in less than 2 days. Yes, this is an FJR forum so feel free. Kawasaki's version of a comfortable handful of throttle does have it's call. Still, I've already had...
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    Drive train "crashing" when engaged on a cold engine

    I have a low mileage 2005. In summer, I usually don't start it in neutral because the ever pending gear mashy. If I do and there's still any choke idle after moving it and closing the garage door. I turn it off, put in gear, and start it again.
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    FJR Forum Decal design

    Yes, I'd be happy to give feedback. Need to know the intended purpose of the decal? Without that, I'd say change the font, the background outline of it, and remove all of the bike.
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    Anybody want a set of stock pipes?

    How was the sound of the Two Bro's?
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    Hello from Houston!

    Welcome from Houston back at ya. I'm on the northwest side. (290 & beltway 8) I have a 2005.
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    Best tires?

    "Ask for the date code before you order." Is the message you're helping me get across. Congratulations Whooshka, you used a lot less words. Great link and advice too guys! As for the shipping advice? Where's the group feel with that kind of misinformation? Every driver no matter the name on the...
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    New to FJR, rode HD,Goldwings,Cruisers for decades, wife doesn’t want to ride anymore

    Have to admit the gold wheels do kick ass on black ones. This is what I did back in the day. Please keep in mind that my comment is more about winter FJR entertainment anyway. If you look at your rims you will see two finishes under the paint. This is the transition point. I sanded and...
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    Best tires?

    Right on...
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    Best tires?

    I'd say Don't worry about it. I've only owned my tires a few weeks but they are 19 years old. Metzeler's by the way.
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    Best tires?

    EASY, let those comprehension skills kick in. That's just a title. But if you can't help yourself please feel free. The question here is about tire shelf life. Well, that and any internet shopping high points you may have picked up owning one of these high powered fattys. Yes that was a little...
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    Hill country FJR ride

    I remember a group sportbike campout out north of Leakey a couple decades ago that made for some great memories. We sure have the bikes for that kind of ride now! Life is passing by too fast as it is. Time to see some nice roads flying by instead. Now, if we had a wife or two willing to make the...