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  1. RiderJoe

    Anyone have AIRSOFT PELLETS in their tires?

    @MR05DODGE This is a very old thread whose topic has been beaten to death in forums over the years. Are you sure you want to revive it?
  2. RiderJoe

    2018 FJR key blank

    @Dan Cooper Great suggestion! It never occurred to me to do that. Going to the locksmith tomorrow. I can easily mark one side of the key to identify which side I need to insert into the ignition. Thank you so much! RiderJoe
  3. RiderJoe

    2018 FJR key blank

    “Lucky me”, I bought my ‘06 with a replaced ignition switch, so now I have two keys for the bike. One for the ignition, and one for everything else. This allows me to ride away with an unlocked passenger seat, side case, or gas cap. 😀 Fortunately non of that happened - yet.
  4. RiderJoe

    2006 Bulb Types

    @trepetti , if your goal is to have brighter brake lights, and not necessarily to save a few watts, then you might consider adding a set of B6 LED brake lights to the stock ones. I added a bar from Denali to my ‘06, but a lot of other ones are available too. No issues with the ABS light, and the...
  5. RiderJoe

    Pit-Bull TRS for the FJR

    Very nice setup! I am wondering - there is no interference between the bottom of the muffler and the right side pin on the stand? It doesn’t look like it on the picture, but it is close.
  6. RiderJoe

    LED Headlight Bulbs 💡 Gen 2 FJR

    I tried a few LEDs in my previous bike and cars. They improved a lot over time, but one thing remained constant - the weak point on many are the fans. They spin at 12K RPM, and they usually fail way before the bulb's advertised "30,000 hours of service life" (= 24/7 for almost 3.5 years = 🤥)...
  7. RiderJoe

    Garmin Zumo discount

    @rbentnail , Yes! What @BigOgre said! Thanks so much for the tip!
  8. RiderJoe

    Garmin Zumo discount

    So true! In addition to Ross’ suggestions, I would also recommend reviewing your planned route once more - zoomed in very closely on your computer before saving it and transferring it to your GPS. The reason for this is that when you pace your routing points while the map is zoomed out, it is...
  9. RiderJoe

    Garmin Zumo discount

    Is your phone a smart phone with an data plan, or just a flip phone without it? If it is the former, you can most likely create a personal wifi hot spot with it, so you can update the XT. The updates are big, so they may use up a good portion of your monthly data allowance, but once or twice a...
  10. RiderJoe

    Garmin Zumo discount

    Yes, the videos are getting a bit old, but Garmin hasn’t changed their Bascamp software much over the past few years either. So, the vast majority of the content is still relevant.
  11. RiderJoe

    Garmin Zumo discount

    Hi @Panman you can find a nice video tutorial series of Basecamp on YouTube from EZ Moto Tim. Even if you are using the app already, he gives some good alternate suggestions to make working with it easier.
  12. RiderJoe

    My first EVER flat tire (a block from home)

    Speaking of plug comparison, Fortnine also has one on the topic. After watching it last year I stopped carrying the Stop & Go Mushroom plug kit and replaced it with good old "bacon strips". ;)
  13. RiderJoe

    $3 short term farkle response to forecast change

    That’s creative, and I bet it worked. Sometimes one has to give up a bit of beauty in favor of function.
  14. RiderJoe

    Fatter Grips

    If the foam rubber grip puppies or grip buddies block too much heat from the grips, you may try tennis racket handle wraps or even better - silicone tool handle wraps like Grip Wrap from Tommy Grip. They don’t soak up water, probably conduct heat better than foam, are durable, and you can make...
  15. RiderJoe

    Headlight Modulator suggestions

    That is an interesting analogy. Strictly speaking you are absolutely right. Modulators - nothing wrong with them. Inconsiderate operators - yes, they are annoying. So use the modulators when other commuters don’t get to see your bike’s flashing headlights. That way no one gets annoyed and...
  16. RiderJoe

    Headlight Modulator suggestions

    Feel free to ask away after doing some search on your own. There is a wealth of experience, opinions, and knowledge here to tap into, and the vast majority of them are tried and true, well-intended information. This is why I love this forum.
  17. RiderJoe

    Headlight Modulator suggestions

    I can't recommend any brand because I don't have much experience with auxiliary lighting. However, what I would recommend is this: decide on what you want the lights to do for you, and take a look at your budget that you can allocate to doing that. If you just want to be more conspicuous, and...
  18. RiderJoe

    Headlight Modulator suggestions

    Hi @StoNaiBeiCy , I bought a 2006 FJR last year that came with headlight modulators among other farkles. The modulators were the very first thing I removed. I find it very annoying when bikes behind me have them flashing, and the flashing in some circumstances can be misinterpreted by other...
  19. RiderJoe

    Seat repair suggestions?

    To me it looks like that the vinyl on the seat had seen better days. Even if you manage to sew it up, the material may not be able to hold the stiches too long. Recovering is probably the least expensive and lasting solution. Or, if your budget allows, perhaps an upgraded seat would be a much...
  20. RiderJoe

    Installing power sockets

    Oldjeep has a good point. Most USB plugs I see on the market advertised as "waterproof" are so while their caps are closed - therefore not in use. As soon as you raise the waterproof caps to plug in your standard USB cable, the power/data connection to your device is no longer waterproof...