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  1. fjrinbc

    Can I import a motorcycle from Canada?

    Hello fjrb0, There was a fellow from San Diego, Brian Galloway, who rode his FJR to Prudhoe Bay - and back home - in the summer of 2006. Check his blog here. He was on a Microsoft blurb-thingy being interviewed. For importing a motorcycle you might search on I read of a guy who...
  2. fjrinbc

    Oh, Those Wacky Russians...

    The following link is NWS because of clothing-challenged advertising, but the m/c pics are worth it. Click here, comrade.
  3. fjrinbc

    Don't Anybody Tell......

    Pssssssssssst! It looks to me like the sidestand is gonna collapse and make bike fall-down-go-boom. :unsure: ...or maybe it will just flop to a 45 degree angle when it hits the floorboards ;) and no damage.
  4. fjrinbc

    Lost my "W" endorsement come it took you 11 months (maybe more?) to tell your story? :blink:
  5. fjrinbc

    Well, well, well . . .

    Well. it becomes obvious when you click on the image to show full size. He is giving the Universal Signal for "this honker of a bike leaves me limp, I am not impressed". :thumbsdownsmiley: Plus, he looks like Jim Carey's evil twin from Me, Myself and Irene.
  6. fjrinbc

    I stumbled onto a cool link: Motorcyclist Index

    Did anyone notice the URL for those links? That Spider guy sure gets around, don't he? :clapping:
  7. fjrinbc

    First Problem

    Let me see, You have an FJR, he has a (Kawasaki?) Z1000. These two are not 50cc scooters. If he hasn't figured out my now that they can exceed any speed limit by a LOT, maybe you should talk to him. Tell him when and where you can speed. Like deserted roads, early mornings, etc. NOT in town...