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  1. fjrinbc

    Tire Life?

    On the original Metzler's that came with my 05 I was able to get 26,563......... km, that is. Thats 16,505 miles. SkooterG would be so proud of me! I know you're thinking I must be a real pansy rider, but I would call myself an average-to-moderately aggressive rider - definitely not a 'ride it...
  2. fjrinbc

    You think you're addicted?

    OK, I take back what I was thinking about you (dbvolfan hitting a dog with his car and you thinking he was a woman). :dribble: You really ARE Scab's wife! :yahoo:
  3. fjrinbc

    Poor Dog, Poor Car

    Mrs Scab, you just aren't as sharp as your hubby! :glare: So why, oh why, do you think dbvolfan is a woman? :rolleyes:
  4. fjrinbc

    What Else Can I Do To My FJR?

    Sorry to hear of your mishap, TWN. Heal well and fast. ...and thanks for swallowing your pride by posting the mishap - it is a needed reminder for us. Len
  5. fjrinbc

    Knucklehead drivers

    +2 on pickin' your fights I would rather have some brain-dead fuck-wad kept in front of me where I can keep my good eye on them - not behind me where they can be so unpredictable. :assassin: Ride safe and defensively. They are out to get you.
  6. fjrinbc

    Lost My Riding Partner

    oh, mr. odot... who you callin' "psycho-anal"?
  7. fjrinbc

    $10,000.00 Heat Shrink

    Now that's sweet. :bleh: Did your wife notice you? :poster_oops: And on your anniversary, too! :russian_roulette:
  8. fjrinbc

    2003 Pathfinder

    Contact your friendly? local Nissan dealer service dept, they will tell you. Most cars do not require a change of auto trans oil for 100,00 miles or so unless you regulary tow a trailer. I would never wait that long myself. Len
  9. fjrinbc

    Who Were You?

    On QueasyBoard I was 'grubshorts' for the silly young guy I met in Palm Springs in the early 1980s. He was very funny and used the name Mortimer Grubshorts for nerds and geeks. I just thought it was funny, too. On FJROwners ( I am also 'fjrinbc'. Also...
  10. fjrinbc

    My Cat's Been Acting Strange

    I just got a new sheepskin seat cover. It doesn't seem to fit the way I like. :) Any suggestions? I don't feel so much heat from the fuel tank anymore, though. And if my hands get cold there are places to warm them up. ;)
  11. fjrinbc

    First Oil Thread - Seriously

    Thanks skyway I had read that article before and it provides some good information. Once I'm done with radman, can I search your ass, too! :o Len
  12. fjrinbc

    First Oil Thread - Seriously

    really, radman... You can't be serious about the 'ring-sticking problem' of modern 10w-40 oils. The auto makers don't recommed it because of the mentioned fuel-economy issues. And that Norton article: who knows when that was first written? An old air-cooled British twin hardly compares to a...
  13. fjrinbc

    First Oil Thread - Seriously

    radman, I don't quite understand your reasoning on the multigrade dino oil. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the makers have improved the mixes of these oils since the "70s". I don't think anyone would have any problems using a modern multigrade dino oil. Also, your choice of adding STP...
  14. fjrinbc


    Hey, this thread should be moved to "Jokes and Fun Stuff" By the way... I noticed that my FJR performs noticably better when I am following an old beater cage. You know the type, it is running so rich you get kinda woozy after a while. Well my bike must be suckin' in all that unburned...
  15. fjrinbc

    First Oil Thread - Seriously

    JimV The xW number does not matter too much, unless you are heading to the north pole. A lower number will flow better at colder temps, but the oil will still be 40 weight at operating temp. Not to worry, mate. Len
  16. fjrinbc


    I use the basic, cheap(er) 87 octane gasoline. Never had even a hint of a ping. I try to use the 'Top Tier' stuff because of less sulfer. So far only available at Chevron (AFIK) here in Canada. Otherwise, I buy pretty much what is handy at the time. Len