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  1. kaitsdad

    GEN II Plastic and Cowling Removal

    It is the thermistor, and it's just hanging there, held in by a small zip tie. All good.
  2. kaitsdad

    1st time removing Gen II fairings - wish me luck

    This might help -
  3. kaitsdad

    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    R.I.P Ray. You were a solid guy, always quiet, always willing to help. Give Patti a hug for all of us.
  4. kaitsdad

    KrZy8 Hissy Fit - Stumbling/Dying off Idle,

    Don, it was good seeing the old girl.  Keep her going!
  5. kaitsdad

    KrZy8 Engine Autopsy results - first FJR cylinder failure?

    Well, that explains the problem. The canister line is large enough for very small gravel to get sucked into the intake box, resulting in this. Ouch. I think that deer you hit got it's revenge.... I'm thinking we didn't see it as the piston was at top - I do recall a knarly carbon build up we...
  6. kaitsdad

    UncleDutch resto has completed!

    I sense a SS1000 in someone's future.......
  7. kaitsdad

    Swingarm removal - how difficult gen3 Naomi

    Don, I had that swing arm off at least once - but that was in 2013? It's not that difficult, and if you're pulling the pumpkin and the shaft, a good part of the work is already done. There's not a lot of movement in the swing arm, so the components rarely show any wear - but I think it's...
  8. kaitsdad

    Ride to GPS Suspension

    Should I mention chill factor?
  9. kaitsdad

    Final Drive 4 Acorn Nuts-Torque

    I've pulled the swing arms off of 6 different FJR's for maintenance - pumpkin goes back on at 30 ft lbs, and no loctite - as per the factory specs. But don't forget the washers when you re-assemble.
  10. kaitsdad

    2016-01-30 KrZy8 Washed And Waxed

    She's looking good, Don. Good job.
  11. kaitsdad

    KZ1300 QuackQuack Break In Ride

    Ray did an amazing job !!! I'm blown away by it.
  12. kaitsdad

    Motorbike lift techniques - or how to barely not toss one overboard

    Don, I understand you can make make anything from duct tape. Like a hernia truss. Throw in a tie-wrap or two, and you're good to go.
  13. kaitsdad

    RIP Beemerdons

    I'm gonna have a drink in honor of Mr. Stanley. This sucks. Bigtime. Dammit. Hal
  14. kaitsdad

    Valve Check Mystery

    The only time I've seen this is when the caps were installed out of sequence. Verify position. Then verify tolerances again, paying close attention to the lobe positions when checking clearance. Thirdly, I would suspect that a camshaft bent when being removed/replaced.
  15. kaitsdad

    Birthday Toast to TwoWheeNut in 5 minutes!

    Yep. miss Tim a lot. Will be drinking a toast to Tim after dinner tonight. Jeannette will be having a White Russian. I'll be drinking Gentleman Jack. There will be a third rocks glass with Walker Blue Label for Tim. Only the best for him.
  16. kaitsdad

    Valve I really need to?

    I'm thinking you need to read through this .........
  17. kaitsdad

    2013 Rear brake pedal movement?

    There's also that detent about half way down- a clear sign of not lubricated properly - I would pull the lever assembly, clean everything, and lubeitlubeitlubeit. Then I would check that the rear caliper is indeed actuating the cup, and then I would bleed it again. If that doesn't clear it...
  18. kaitsdad

    KrZy8 hard starting, intermittent missing

    Check the pins in the ECM connector. I know the barbarian mod was done quite some time ago, but I suppose that the lock strip in the connector could possibly started to loosen with all the in/out, resulting in a marginal connection. And the fact that it's fixed itself and that the CO mode...
  19. kaitsdad

    I didn't see it - lesson learned

  20. kaitsdad

    Connector Maintenance

    How did I miss this? Deja Vu !!! For some reason there's a lot of familiar looking bits and pieces in those pics........