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  1. fjrinbc

    fuel filter replacement

    Hey Nutter Replacing the fuel filter is easy. All you have to do is buy yourself a new fuel pump assembly and swap it with the old one. Don't forget a new gasket. Seriously, the fuel filter is permanent, maintenance-free and not replaceable. Since this is your very first post, you were just...
  2. fjrinbc

    License Plate Storage Box

    dobias a password is required to view your pics....oops! ...and I think what fjrdc was referring to in the Aerostitch site was this here... len
  3. fjrinbc

    Speed Bleeders

    Thanks RickL, for the info on YMMV. I was thinking that maybe it was, 'You Make Me Vomit' :lol: Then I had a fit of un-laziness and googled for e-mail abbreviations and found it. Len
  4. fjrinbc

    Radguard Update Repeated Here....

    Huh?? Why can't you just say, [email protected] ?? That way if someone wanted to e-mail you, they could just highlight it, copy it, and paste it to send an e-mail. I must be missing something. I have seen it done this way before and it baffles me all to hell. :(
  5. fjrinbc

    Speed Bleeders

    Eeiiaannhh! That's the sound of me being unimpressed. If I was to do it over again I would not have ordered the speed bleeders. Nothing on the bike is so far away as to not be able to do bleeding the old fashioned way. The speeders just complicate the process, especially when the lines are full...
  6. fjrinbc

    Spiegler Group Buy

    I got an e-mail yesterday for the Spiegler ss lines for a 17th of June delivery. Sorry FatNakedGuy, I live in British Columbia and can't get away from work long enough to come down and gang-install our lines. Len
  7. fjrinbc

    Do You Use A Tank Bag When Riding Locally?

    I have a Yamaha Supersport tank bag, like sells. I got mine from the dealer I purchased my bike from. I pretty much use it all the time. It's very handy to have, like a big ole man-purse. Unlike TWN I have never kept shit in my pockets, but I do carry a lot of stuff in this bag...