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  1. Proteus1952

    First Jap bike in 25 years. Gen1

    That seat looks to be comfy as all get out. My ass is jealous. Best wishes for safe travels.
  2. Proteus1952

    Heading West

    Superb photo of Mammoth Springs complex. Wish I had stopped and walked around it some when I passed thru some years ago. Safe travels.
  3. Proteus1952

    Heading West

    I rode thru that area a few years ago. Best trip of my life. Best wishes. Go where your spirit guides you.
  4. Proteus1952

    Time To Hang It Up

    Your words touch my soul. Every day we get to wake up is a blessing. Best of luck selling your bike to someone who will love it as much as you surely have. Time moves on.
  5. Proteus1952

    old guy on a fast motorcycle

    Hot diggity dog! You've got some lovely scenery to ride thru in both states. Welcome to the asylum.
  6. Proteus1952

    Just finished first ride..

    You're gonna love it. Excellent machine for putting lots of miles on in a single day. Carries a bunch of camping gear if you're into sleeping on the ground in a tent. Best of luck and Happy Trails!
  7. Proteus1952

    Another Dan from DFW, Texas

    Oh the fun you're gonna have with your new scoot! Welcome aboard! You've got a super partner in life.
  8. Proteus1952

    New FJR owner, here to give back when I can, thanks to all who post tech info!

    I've learned a heck of a lot in my ten years of FJR ownership from this forum. Made a few repairs on my own that no doubt saved me a lot of money and headaches from having to rely on a dealer. You will soon discover the folks who really know their bike business. Happy Trails!
  9. Proteus1952

    Hello to you all in this FJR parish.

    Howdy from Texas John! (Fort Worth) Thanks for the pics. That color of blue on your bike looks terrific. Hope you get to enjoy thousands of kilometers touring the lovely country you live in.
  10. Proteus1952

    Wendy Crockett and Ian McPhee ride a little ride...

    Get the right agent. I suspect there could be substance for a movie in this story. Congratulations on an awesome acheivement.
  11. Proteus1952

    Side Stand Plate

    This solution has been carried in the glove box for years. Just a 4 inch electrical box cover with a string and small handle. String allows me to put it in place while on the bike and remove after remounting and ready to go. I've pulled into more than a few state park campsites and been...
  12. Proteus1952

    Blessed By The Bike Gods

    Damn, nothing like a new bike to get you in the mood to ride lots and lots. Happy Trails!!!
  13. Proteus1952

    TOP Box Replacement Recommendations

    Geez, you guys make it sound so complicated. The answer is simple: Borden. Three bikes in thirty years, same top box: a milk crate.
  14. Proteus1952

    ground problem (spider bite) questions

    S7, S6 and S4. Bike is stored indoors. How many days per year does the mercury stay over 90 way up there in Canuckland?
  15. Proteus1952

    ground problem (spider bite) questions

    I've owned my 2010 for nine years now and it has 36K on it. I've done the spider repair three times. I suspect ambient heat to be a contributing factor to the failures. Lots of really hot weather here in the north Texas area. With each repair, I became more skilled at cutting, splicing and...
  16. Proteus1952

    Buongiorno, nuovo membro dall'Italia (Avellino)

    Visited Italy in 70's while in the army. Great scenery, food, and people. Welcome! Ha visitato l'Italia negli anni '70 mentre era nell'esercito. Ottimo scenario, cibo e persone. Benvenuto!
  17. Proteus1952

    Bike won't start, clicks very fast

    Don't be cheap with the replacement. Get the best one you can afford. I've had excellent luck with AGM types.
  18. Proteus1952

    Newbie needs help.

    Glad you got it worked out. I have the same model and never experienced such handling issues. Learned from this forum long ago that 40/42 seemed to work best and that the FJR eats rubber. Picked up from long time bike magazine writer Salvatore Clemente that tire pressure was a very high...
  19. Proteus1952

    Hi, long time no see

    Still a great place to visit, share and learn. Happy Trails!
  20. Proteus1952

    It Was Just One Little Wrong Turn...

    Great tale! One or two similar experiences with gravel myself, usually while on a ride in NW Arkansas. Should be a real confidence builder to have kept it right side up. Congrats!