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  1. Panman

    Motorcycle For Sale 2007 Yamaha FJR1300A for Sale

    There were a few guys that changed colors?? 08's had a few improvements with the throttle bodies they seemed a bit smoother. Calling ScooterG to the I need another FJR Phone!
  2. Panman

    2024 FJR1300 Announced - No Changes

    Still looking/wanting/wishing for a low mile A model, the FJR died to me in 2019. Glad to see it still going for the skinny dudes.
  3. Panman

    2012 FJR Maintenance catch up.

    G, you are the one that taught me the dirt Rd trick on our first trip to the Yukon. :)
  4. Panman

    2012 FJR Maintenance catch up.

    I never use the jumper on the 07, just find a local gravel road be fore and after each bleed.
  5. Panman

    2012 FJR Maintenance catch up.

    Most importantly RIDE IT. Grease the drive shaft splines, change the coolant. Lube the levers both side (brass bushing on clutch side is very important. There is lots of folks here that can help with all the this and that's. A lot of the little gremlin's were worked out of the Gen II FJR's by...
  6. Panman

    New to forum and FJR riding.

    Welcome, RossKean gave you some good links. I think doing the at least first couple of valve clearance check's is a good idea.
  7. Panman

    RIP ionbeam - 10/7/23

    Very sad indeed, may he rest in peace.
  8. Panman

    "The Why Not" gravel road

    I think Dave has led both Rich and I down this road before so it wasn't our first rodeo. I have a few shots I'll try and add later.
  9. Panman

    The WHY NOT 2023 is a reality!

    First time by a PC since I got home Thursday after a 530 mile run from Bigfork MT. Did 4250 over all with new tires being put on in Cody WY at Mountain Valley Motorsports. Thanks BigJohn.
  10. Panman

    The Why Not 2023 - Registration, Dinner and Shirt Orders- 7/19/23 UPDATE - WITH FREE STUFF!

    Brian is good people, I've traveled with him but not shared a room so can't tell you if he's a noise maker.
  11. Panman

    FJR on Pieowa

    I was wondering who would have the first response! :cool:
  12. Panman


    I remember him as one worn dog rolling into Spokane. RIP Dave
  13. Panman

    The WHY NOT 2023 is a reality!

    You know JP this is making me smile, years ago it seems to me the old and slow geezer squad pulled into a gas station some where around 27th and Hwy 20n late for dinner at the Best Western hosted by FJRay and the Harvest Depot. Your eyes were a bit wide wondering what was with all of the FJR's...
  14. Panman


    Hello, glad your about done. 5.5 years for me now still have the 07 and still have the Watershed covers you help us get. I'm 50 miles north of the Seattle shit hole, never go there not even for good music! Last time I went there was for a Zoo tunes summer concert to see my old drinking buddy I...
  15. Panman

    My souvenir from Gemany in 2010 (MY -04)

    Great story!
  16. Panman

    FJR/DUAL SPORT/ADV Bike - "Non-Rally" in the Black Hills June 2024?

    I'd like some feedback; I had a good time when you held this at Scott's Motel in Spearfish and I'm sure another place could be found. Semi-commitment; The dates are good ,Grandsons birthdays are 6/14 & 6/18. I'll give you as much commitment a 71 year old can give, just spent 8 days fighting...
  17. Panman

    Back in the saddle!

    Welcome from Stanwood WA.
  18. Panman

    FJR Forum Decal design