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  1. garyahouse

    Parts For Sale Clearwater Krista LED lights

    Used set of Clearwater Kristas. They come with a custom made volume control bracket. It's made out of sheet metal and attaches to the back side of the left handlebar switch cluster. Makes for a clean, neat installation and convenient handlebar location. 450 plus shipping Wiring, brightness...
  2. garyahouse

    Motorcycle For Sale SOLD..............2009 FJR1300AE $6000-near Dallas

    Ha: three years ago MY FJR convinced me I needed a Gold Wing DCT. Sold my FJR to a good friend who often rides with me. Seating position and comfort of the Wing is second to none and though it was a really tough decision, it was the right one for me. I almost gave up riding because anything over...
  3. garyahouse

    Seat options

    Three letter fix the problem: RDL. End of story.
  4. garyahouse

    Parts For Sale SOLD New Saddlebag liners

    They're like new: I bought them off the forum a few years back, but just didn't use them. 30.00 shipped. .
  5. garyahouse

    Parts For Sale Sergeant seat for Gen 1... SOLD

    Thank you. Two things I learned: USPS wanted 81.00 to ship that seat. But I have a friend that has a commercial UPS account. He volunteered to help out and it was less than half that much to ship. Seat will be on its way tomorrow to East Texas.
  6. garyahouse

    Trooper Mod

    Jeff, Check my link in post #6 above. It takes you to the Trooper mod thread. My experience: I simply bought a 1 1/2 inch hole saw, centered it by eye, and ran it straight into the ends of both cans until it cut through. The process is amazingly easy and quick. That's stage one. Stage two would...
  7. garyahouse

    Trooper Mod

    There is another possibility: it's not ALL OR NOTHING. Consider doing JUST the stage one Trooper mod. I explained it here: CLICKY. I did this on my FJR, and still enjoy hearing it when I ride with my buddy Mark who bought my FJR. It's not as loud as the full trooper mod. I did this mod 12...
  8. garyahouse

    Parts For Sale Sergeant seat for Gen 1... SOLD

    Just after midnight very early this morning, a forum member PM'd me wanting the seat. It's been a really busy day, sorry I didn't post anything until just now. Anyway, I responded first thing this morning and we have a sale pending. I'm still putting together final shipping numbers. In the event...
  9. garyahouse

    Parts For Sale Sergeant seat for Gen 1... SOLD

    Thanks for the input fellas. It served me well until I sold the bike to my buddy Mark. He's enjoying his new RDL seat, so it's time for the Sergeant to find a new home. And Sacramento: I share your love for Photobucket and their latest greedy corporate decisions. Hope they self destruct because...
  10. garyahouse

    Parts For Sale Sergeant seat for Gen 1... SOLD

    Posting this for a friend. He's selling the Sergeant seat that I bought on this forum a few years back as he's replaced it with a RDL seat. The Sergeant is in near perfect condition and has both a document holder and a circular shaped "stuff" holder built in. It's two piece seat and can be...
  11. garyahouse

    Time to say goodbye

    Good one. I was a pretty good "salesman" for Yamaha WHEN I rode the FJR: loved that machine for so many reasons. Sad that as I aged, by back overruled and I had to sell it. Gotta admit, every time I see it, I'm reminded of what a beautiful machine it is. Even tho my old Yammie is 18 years old...
  12. garyahouse

    Time to say goodbye

    Promised I'd stop in from time to time. Have 19k on the Wing now, averaging about 6k per year just like I did on my FJR. Took it up to Michigan and off to Tail of the Dragon a couple times, we've put in a few miles. My buddy Mark still rides my 05 FJR with about 67k on it now. The FJR I sold it...
  13. garyahouse

    Sold 2011 Iron Horse single wide motorcycle hauler

    Wow, that was quick: sold it in 18 hours flat. My Honda is crying but I'm happy,.
  14. garyahouse

    Sold 2011 Iron Horse single wide motorcycle hauler

    Finally decided to part with my trailer. Had some unfortunate health issues, and it's time to make some changes. It was fully reconditioned at the factory by Iron Horse 2 years ago. New everything including tires, bearings, LED lights. Garage kept, clean, white, and shiny: as it should be. I've...
  15. garyahouse

    FREE '05 in Ft. Myers Beach!

    Surprised that Mark hasn't chimed in on this thread but I guess he's been pretty busy. Many of the parts on the FJR have now been removed and hopefully after things settle down he can get on the forum here to see about finding them a new home. As of today there have been no inquiries about any...