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  1. fjrinbc

    Timpkin bearings

    Hi jacko this may be more what you are looking for - this is from forum: tapered roller bearing upgrade cut and paste >>>>>>>> Here is the actual post:
  2. fjrinbc

    Relay arm, anyone ever remove it?

    I was very reluctant to bend my exhaust out of the way - it just seemed too brutal. I loosened the offending bolts/nuts a few turns and then pulled out my reciprocating saw (looks like a big drill with a saw blade stickin' out the end) and sawed off the bolt heads. I replaced them with some SS...
  3. fjrinbc

    03 Head & Valve Pics @ 37k miles

    OK, I'll bite...... Why did you take/have it taken apart? Tick repair.....or just curious? What does "plug in combustion chamber" mean? Exhaust ports for cylinders no. 2 (1 of them) and cyl 4 do look extra carbon-ish. Me thinks your "exhaust valves on left, intakes on right" is backwards.
  4. fjrinbc

    Why Didn't Yamaha Build This Bike Right?

    Farkles, doo-dads, cans, etc, etc... These can be an addiction of which many are happy to participate. Everyone needs tires sooner, or later. I got in on the Speigler ss lines and pads, but didn't need them. FJR works fine with stock stuff. My FJR needed the PCIII to cure the excessive...
  5. fjrinbc

    Welcome Everyone

    Hi everybody I like the looks of the place, too. I may just stay awhile. ...and since I am still fairly new to the FJR community I have a fair chance to work on my 'post count' and not feel like such a newbie. Now I'm one of the guys! HeeHee. Len