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  1. FJRJeff

    Short Notice Fishing

    True, but when you buy it from the store, you have no idea how long it was laying on a dock or floor of the store before they rinsed it off and put it on ice in the case for you. :P
  2. FJRJeff

    Short Notice Fishing

    Luckily, we managed to get someone, but if you're ever out this way, let me know and we'll set it up! I'd ride out and go fish, but the trunk and saddle bags aren't big enough to haul back all the fish I plan to catch.
  3. FJRJeff

    Short Notice Fishing

    I hope this is OK to put here - it's not FJR specific, but this is the most relevant area since it's NW related. My wife planned a charter fishing trip on Sunday the 12th for me for my birthday. I had a friend of mine bail just now due to sickness, so we're looking for someone to fill the seat...
  4. FJRJeff


    No idea. I did my ride last July 23rd... My packet showed up in the mail on Monday, the 25th. License plate backer is going on very soon!
  5. FJRJeff


    I don't know... let's see where Groo ends up... :blink:
  6. FJRJeff


    YAY! Just got this email: "You are receiving this e-mail because of your application for a ride certification. This note is to let you know that your ride has been approved and although your ride documents may take a few more weeks to arrive, your membership has also been approved and...
  7. FJRJeff

    will be there in june

    Gresham (15-20 minutes north of Oregon City) is looking at sunny and mid-upper 90s this week. An unusual early season heat wave, but you never know. Best to pack both winter and summer gear if you have the room... Jeff
  8. FJRJeff


  9. FJRJeff

    Absolute New Record

    It's entirely possible they were catching flak for it (who wants to carry an open check for that long?), or maybe running into checks that were no longer valid. Don't know, but it makes sense to me that they'd cash them more quickly. For anybody keeping score, May 23rd was 10 months for me...
  10. FJRJeff

    Skyway's Garmin 2730 GXM 30 Mount

    Those little red caps SUCK to get on. I think I ended up warming mine up in the oven to try and soften them, and even then, it was a PITA. Maybe some KY... J
  11. FJRJeff

    IBA Cert Arrived today!!

    Rich, That's awesome. Congrats! Thanks for the update as well. At least we can track their progress as they weed through all the rides! Jeff
  12. FJRJeff

    Audiovox Cruise Install Problem

    Bob, I have the Audiovox installed on an 04 with ABS, using only a single vacuum port, and it works fine, so you can cross that off as a cause of your problem (though it seems like it may be related to a check engine light I see at higher speeds). I believe I connected the purple wire to one...
  13. FJRJeff

    Garmin 2720 headphones

    The 2730 does indeed have a stereo headphone jack, on the left side of the unit, under a rubber weather flap. I use Shure E2C's, and have been quite happy with them... Jeff
  14. FJRJeff

    Russell Day-Long Seats - WAY BACK ORDERED!

    Wait... I'm in Oregon... Jeff
  15. FJRJeff

    IBA email

    Nothing yet. I will post here when it does. Last time I touched base in early March, I was awaiting final certification, and Michael was out of the country for "a couple of weeks". I had hoped to see it by end of March, but no such luck. I rush home every day and check the mailbox for my...
  16. FJRJeff

    FJR's Going to Hell's Canyon Rally June 07

    I'm dying to get out there and ride Hell's Canyon. I had set up a trip last year before my wife hurt her back and we had a sick family member. I'd jump in in a second, but June is a busy month for me this year. I'm sure it'll be a blast. Ride safe. Jeff
  17. FJRJeff

    ROAD TRIP to Prosser, Washington!

    Ended up with about 400 miles on the clock today, from Portland to Prosser and back. Man, what an awesome dealership!! Huge, huge difference over the old one. I was really surprised with how busy it was... looks like they had a great (and well deserved) turnout. Got to see tons of FJRs, got a...
  18. FJRJeff

    wiped out today.

    Ed - glad you're OK. Maybe there's something in the air. I almost bought mine today too. Heading home on surface streets, two lanes each way. Go through light, traffic is backed up in both lanes going the other way when some teenager decided to see if anyone was coming by blasting out from the...
  19. FJRJeff

    ROAD TRIP to Prosser, Washington!

    Depends on how much you typically do around the house. :rolleyes: Sounds good! I will see you there.