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    New sport touring boots

    Boots are sold. Thanks, Pete
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    New sport touring boots

    New in box, Fly Racing Milepost Leather sport touring boots. They are U.S. size13 (EU sz 48) but fit like U.S.size 12. $50.00 shipped in con U.S.
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    Stick on weights sliding off?

    Try Parts Unlimited they have a listing for FJR weights. I've used these and they seem as good as OEM.
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    Gen 1 parts WTB

    I'm looking for the covers used when the side bags are not used (2004 silver). Also a stock windshield and oem bag liners. Thanks, Pete
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    WTB Gen 2 rear shock

    Wanted a gen 2 rear shock, low miles only. Send info. Thanks, Pete
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    Greens and Whites Ride

    Carole and I will be getting to the motel about 9 pm Friday night, and will be staying till Monday. We are doing both days rides and may tag along for part of Mondays fun. The steak house for Saturday night and the pub for Friday and Sunday are what we plan on. See you all there! Pete
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    FJR Green/White MTN ride 2010

    Add us to the "list", room is booked. We will be getting there Friday night and staying untill Monday AM.Carole and I have been looking forward to this ride,Thanks guys for putting this on. Pete
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    Hydro Clutch problem

    PM sent
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    WT Swap a Corbin for OEM Gen I

    PM sent
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    7th annual Ride to the Rock- Saturday 11/28/09

    George, The 2 night thing is what I'm thinking. My normal riding buddy (Roadrunner) is from Northville and I have been trying to convince him this is a good ideal! Whatever, If it's any way possible I'll be there. I will let you know for sure if anything changes. Thanks, Pete
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    7th annual Ride to the Rock- Saturday 11/28/09

    I would be riding in from Amsterdam, N.Y. it's about 35 miles northwest of Albany. Everything will depend on the weather, I can't see me riding in snow! I am really hoping to make this ride ,but it will be a "last minute" call. Thanks Pete
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    7th annual Ride to the Rock- Saturday 11/28/09

    Hi, This sounds like something I would like to do. Can you post up some local (to the starting point) motels? Thanks and hopefully I'll be able to make this ride, Looks like a good one! Pete
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    White/Green Mountain ride 2009

    Hi, Thanks for the welcome! We are in Amsterdam, N.Y. about 30 miles north/west of Albany. I'm looking at the map to decide on a route to the Fireside Inn as well as a differnt way home. My s/o Carole and I are staying over Sunday night and plan to get a nice ride , both on the way to and from...
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    White/Green Mountain ride 2009

    Hi, A new guy checking in. I've made my reservations at Fireside Inn for Friday to Sunday night, can't wait! I will be 2-up and looking to meet some more of the gang. I am new to the forum so feel free to let me know what the correct way to let you know we will be joining in is. Thanks to FredW...
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    Hi, I'm looking for a headlight assembly for a 04/05 FJR. Please send a message or e-mail me [email protected]. Thanks, Pete
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    Going to the Dark Side

    I can only hope you take the advice of the many, How much can you save on tires as to what you will give up in rideability of your bike? Not to mention the safty or lack of in this. Best of luck, Pete
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    Is the FJR right for me?

    Hi, I've always had sportbikes and still do. However thanks to a co-worker (ROADRUNNER) I got to ride an FJR. Get one ASAP! You will be glad from then on. Pete
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    rebuidiing 06 FJR

    Try not to worry, Sounds like "your" tech (everyone should be so lucky) has it handled! Seasons Greetings, Pete
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    WTB 04 Owners manual

    Looking for owners manual for an 04 non abs (if it matters) PM me or e-mail at [email protected]. Thanks, Pete