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  1. BwanaDik

    FJRForum Official 2021 Iron Butt Rally Tracking/Analysis Thread

    Any idea what the bonus is in Santa Fe?
  2. BwanaDik

    FJRForum Official 2021 Iron Butt Rally Tracking/Analysis Thread

    Everybody seems pretty bunched up given the time since leaving.  Lots of small bonii in a close area? Where's the second checkpoint?
  3. BwanaDik

    FNG from New Mexico

    Welcome!  What part of the state are you located?  And yes, stay away from those ABQ types, us Santa Fe's are much more cool!
  4. BwanaDik

    A Ride to Topock!

    Good stuff Mark, looks like it was a nice day
  5. BwanaDik

    FJRForum Official 2019 Iron Butt Rally Tracking/Analysis Thread

    What do you suppose the guy out on 93 in the Great Basin is thinking? Definitely a road less traveled
  6. BwanaDik

    FJRForum Official 2019 Iron Butt Rally Tracking/Analysis Thread

    The public Spotwalla link from the IBR webpage only comes up blank when I click it. No group of riders as like the screen shot above. Am I missing something for/in settings or something else to see it?
  7. BwanaDik

    2007 AE rear shock removal

    I did this but it was more than ten years ago. Seems like I followed the instructions but, when I was almost done, I realized something about not having to remove the clutch/shift assembly. There is a way to reach the bolt thru a gap in the frame with a 3/8" extension but IIRC you have to put...
  8. BwanaDik

    Underwater Traction Control

    That first video looks like it's in Bastrop for the art/antique festival? Yea, I don't do the Hill Country crossings either for that very reason. Mac, has the traction control ever engaged on you before? What did it feel like then?
  9. BwanaDik

    Cannonball starting soon, in Portland Maine

    What an awesome idea. Wonder why this is the first I've heard of it? I wonder what the equivalent of an FJR was in 1925?
  10. BwanaDik

    Road Info: Hwy #277 From Abilene, TX To Sonora, TX

    Do you mean Sonora on I-10? I can't find a Sonoma. 277 should be Ok but watch out for cattle and buzzards on the side of the road (no kidding, I killed a slow buzzard trying to take off with my 'Wing) Just got back from West Texas (Orla) yesterday. Stay off 285 at all costs, it's...
  11. BwanaDik

    A detailed pictorial clutch soak "how to"

    Well, happy ending to a tragic story. Disassembled everything to get to the oil pan, headers, side stand, fairing, etc. Side stand bolts were frozen with corrosion, have to remove it to get to the pan. Soaked the area for two days in Aero-Kroll. The first bolt finally came out but I ultimately...
  12. BwanaDik

    Who is this masked man?

    I've seen this before, at least with the flat track looking bikes. It's all about betting. You can't see the stands in this clip but in the one I saw everybody was standing around with their betting tickets in hand and not getting excited. Even when the guy won, nobody even reacted, they just...
  13. BwanaDik

    2006 FJR1300 $2900

    Sad to see such a nice bike going for so low or not at all. Probably good for another 100,000 miles. Not enough bling for new buyers?
  14. BwanaDik

    A detailed pictorial clutch soak "how to"

    Great links, thanks. Flexi magnet from Grainger is in sight, along with a boatload of patience.
  15. BwanaDik

    A detailed pictorial clutch soak "how to"

    Bump. I seem to recall someone fishing around with a magnet with some success. Anyone remember where that post was?
  16. BwanaDik

    A detailed pictorial clutch soak "how to"

    An update, took it all apart and reassembled again. No error code now, looks good. An interesting assembly data point, the clutch could turn when it was assembled incorrectly, it was tight when assembled the right way. What is the torque values of the six spring bolts?
  17. BwanaDik

    A detailed pictorial clutch soak "how to"

    Old thread, I haven't ridden much lately (too hot) so when I went out for a quick ride, the clutch wouldn't dis-engage smoothly. Did the clutch soak and got the dreaded "SH-26" on reassembly. So back into it to do a more careful assembly. On removing the clutch cover again, heard a klinking...
  18. BwanaDik

    Used Cars - Where to find the good ones?

    Try Bring a Trailer. Awesome site, seems to be one of the most honest ones out there. The guys that run it really make an effort to have the seller describe in detail the condition of each car with 100+ photos. There seems to be a standard photo run because most of the submissions look very...
  19. BwanaDik

    Where did 2017 go?

    Outstanding! Thanks, this re-motivates me to get back out and ride!