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  1. FredandJeannesRacer

    FJR1300 Eastern Owners Meet - 2023 - Event & Registration Thread.

    can’t wait, see you guys Saturday.
  2. FredandJeannesRacer

    EOM 2021 Event Thread - Sept 16-19, 2021 - Flatwoods, WV

    Reservations made. Jeanne and I will be there, God willing and the creek don’t rise!
  3. FredandJeannesRacer

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Topped off the tank and added fuel stabilizer. Covered up my baby, and tucked her in for the winter.
  4. FredandJeannesRacer

    (In)Tech Day 2020

    Got it penciled in. Depends on when Jeanne schedules surgery though. Would love to make this happen.
  5. FredandJeannesRacer

    EOM 2020 Location Discussion

    This area has some excellent riding. Close to WV and PA. Lots of choices around Deep Creek for lodging.
  6. FredandJeannesRacer

    Front tire cupping, recommended tire pressure?

    I have found that some tires cup more easily than others. I changed the rotation of a cupped tire once, and it got rid of the cupping,
  7. FredandJeannesRacer

    Information please: FJR Police Edition?

    Would it be possible for civilians to buy the police version ? It is equipped exactly the way I would like. And I think the white would look great with some black graphics.
  8. FredandJeannesRacer

    2019 SEOR (South East Ohio Ramble )

    Only 3 months away! Single digit temps here today. Come on spring.
  9. FredandJeannesRacer

    Patagonia Ride Report (In Progress)

    Awesome trip. What kind of mileage were you getting?
  10. FredandJeannesRacer

    “CHiPs” reruns

    Ive been watching reruns of CHiPs due to winter boredom. The series basically sucks, but I like to see the old classic cars and bikes. Ive noticed that the stars of the show usually mount their motorcycle from the right, as sitting on the bike. Is this a west coast thing, like the choice of...
  11. FredandJeannesRacer

    (In)Tech Day 2019

    Got it penciled in. Going to make it one of these days.
  12. FredandJeannesRacer

    EOM 2019 Discussion Located near Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. We stayed there this fall. Berkeley Springs brewery near by.
  13. FredandJeannesRacer

    Tech Day XVII: 10/6/2018

    Will be rolling in Saturday morning, and rolling out Sunday. Dont need any work done, but can supervise with a beer in my hand. Would appreciate a spot on the floor. Dont worry, I wont leave a spot. Waiting to see if Jeanne has to work. Thanks Guys.
  14. FredandJeannesRacer

    SEO Ramble 2018

    One of my favorite events of the year. Glad to see old friends and meet new ones. The ones that cancelled missed a good time. See y'all next time. Safe rides.
  15. FredandJeannesRacer

    SEO Ramble 2018

    I'll take that beer, "lunch truck Larry" See ya there.
  16. FredandJeannesRacer

    Uncle Dutch - Ride to Bike Show

    Cool old vehicles, many I recognize. Better than the concourse! Thanks for posting.
  17. FredandJeannesRacer

    Ride buddies wanted !

    Come on down Frenchy. Lots of good roads to ride, and crazy FJR owners to have a drink with.
  18. FredandJeannesRacer

    SEO Ramble 2018

    Made reservations. Not many left. Only kings as VaCaveman stated.
  19. FredandJeannesRacer

    Cool video of B17 flying out of Renton, Wa over the Cascades

    WOW! Awesome vid. How much for the front bubble seat?
  20. FredandJeannesRacer

    Stuck in Guerro Negro - the KLR Krapped out!

    Had a KLR back when they were 600cc. Nothing but problems. Got rid of that POS.