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  1. jdog109socal

    Button Willow Nov30th 2014 Dbl Feature

    Ok here are two video for a Friday night Dbl Feature.. I and now using Sony Vegas 13.0 Pro for editing software..I have been using 10.0 pro.. Vegas 13.0 pro is a bit different and took me about two day to figure things out, So here is Tobey on his DRZ400sm At Button Willow and is of video clip...
  2. jdog109socal

    Button Willow Nov30th 2014

    Having fun at Button Willow. This video is from Nov 30th 2014 and is video clips from the days event. This took about a week to go through all the video from 9 video cams and over 105 gigs of video to pick out just a few of the shots through out the day. enjoy the ride...
  3. jdog109socal

    Raw video @ Big Willow Oct 19 2014

    Here is a couple of raw video of My riding buddy at Willow Springs Raceway on Big Willow Video is from Steve on his 2010 BMW S1000 rr with a Taylor Exhaust system. This is Steve and I going back and forth in Session 3@ 2.5 mile "Big Willow" Enjoy This is video from...
  4. jdog109socal

    BTE 5 Wrightwood Loop

    Here is my latest ride video shot with the BTE group up to Wrightwood CA and back Enjoy the ride
  5. jdog109socal

    S1000r & ZX10R on hwy 33

    So after the Busa went down My buddy and I went on up the road to Wolfs. Had to dodge a few rock on the way as you will see in video. This is the first time i have done Video on Video/Picture on Picture through out most the video. I found my self watching it over and over since i use 6 hd...
  6. jdog109socal

    Andy's hwy 33 ride video

    thanks the color thing is cool i have done it before..Going to do a animated looking one soon. Been think about it for a while. About the lines, they are ok. I have ride that road about 3 times a month and have for many years..Know it like the back of my hand. But with the Rocks coming off hill...
  7. jdog109socal

    Andy's hwy 33 ride video

    I shot this video a few weeks back heading to a ride to Wolf,s on Hwy 33. This is Andy,s first time on my cameras..(VIRGIN) LOL as you can see there where many rocks on the road as he points hazards' out by foot through out film.. This is just a nice mellow ride video to the music of Tom Petty...
  8. jdog109socal

    After tday ride Malibu,Ca

    Hey Happy T day all.. Well finally weather has cleared in So Cal so its off to Malibu Ca for a ride to the Rock Store and loop Stunt Road... Roads where somewhat clean and a few wet spots in the shady areas.. Any hoot hope you all enjoy my little video i made...
  9. jdog109socal

    Newcombs Ranch Ride

    This ride video was taken while a trip up to Newcombs Ranch high above the So Cal Mountains... Roads included in the video where, W Guiberson Rd,South Mountain Rd, Little Tujnga,Big Tujnga, ACH,Angles Hwy,Aliso Canyon. This video also has music and raw sound through out flick. Enjoy the ride...
  10. jdog109socal

    Gorman to Santa Clarita

    My three amigos and I went out for a ride to Harleys Rock Inn for Lunch and i shot this on the way Jdog
  11. jdog109socal

    Lockwood Valley Road

    Hey all got out again on the ZX10R shot some new video...Now running 2 GoPros HD 2 1 GoPro HD and 1 Contour HD. And sometime when it works a Original GoPro non HD. This film was burned in a 720HD format which is requested by Vimeo... This will be a ride i shot on Lockwood Valley Rd. in So Cal...
  12. jdog109socal

    Pine Mountain PSD

    Here is the latest flick out. Check out about 2:50 Mr Brad on his old time BMW goes off roading and recovers... LOL.,.. I used a song by a group called My Darkest Days. I saw them open up for Nickleback a month back and just dug this song.. So here it is enjoy...
  13. jdog109socal

    Todd's B day ride

    Here be my latest video. This will be Mr Todd P. Birthday ride. Video was shot on Hwy 33 in Ca. from Wheelers Springs to Wolf's Opening rap video was our friend Steve idea, Kind of funny at the time. Hope you enjoy the ride Jdog
  14. jdog109socal

    Cal Coast Ride video

    thank you
  15. jdog109socal

    Cal Coast Ride video

    So this is my first large ride that i have filmed with the new bike and New video gear... Now using 3 go pros and 1 contour Roam. This is the Cal Coast Riders group out of Ventura, Ca and on there Monthly ride up to Los Alomos Ca for Lunch. Roads included where Hwy 101, PCH Hwy 1, Hwy 154, Hwy...
  16. jdog109socal

    Part 2 ACH Newcombs to Wrightwood

    Here is the second leg of our trip up ACH Hwy 2 from Newcombs Ranch to Wrightwood Ca. This is on of my favorite roads with stunning scenery. This video is to the music of Pink Floyd " Comfortably Numb" Enjoy the ride Jdog
  17. jdog109socal

    Big Tujunga to Newcombs Ranch

    Fun Road for sure...
  18. jdog109socal

    Big Tujunga to Newcombs Ranch

    It's been a while since i put a video together. With changing Jobs, being Ill, and the change in bikes i have not had a lot of time to make videos for ya all. But that's going to change now. I bought a new bike 4 week ago 2012 ZX10R and now running 3 Go Pros and a Contour HD on the helmet. I...
  19. jdog109socal

    Ojai to Pine Mountain

    Where might i have stop for some?????
  20. jdog109socal

    Ojai to Pine Mountain

    Hey all,, its been a while since I put a video together.... I haven't been riding as much do to work & weather but we got this one off March 11th 2012...This is some clips of a ride starting out on Creek Road in lower Ojai and ending up on Cerro Noroeste Road towards Pine Mountain.. Hope you...