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    New zipper

    Catch me on Riders Ray if you ever need to talk Crap.
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    long trip packing ideas

    Hope you have a Givi subframe to support all that weight back there.
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    SFO 2016 Plans?

    And it obviously has nothing to do with a crappy GA Tech team...that was a weak excuse. He's probably home doing ironing and vacuuming and grocery a feeble attempt to convince someone that he will make a good wife someday. :D
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    New zipper

    Thank-you for the crap. That porcelain is properly broken in now. Glad you are home and can crap in peace now. That shits gotta get old....
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    Broken Penske Clevis.

    Nah, he's just gonna use his thumb and call it good! X-Rays are dangerous Alan, are you kidding me? You could grow a 3rd eye from that stuff.
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    New Car for my kid

    Yeah, cuz the others had no problem staddling the bike, right? I knew a girl in high school who wanted a motorcycle ride home from her work in a medical clinic. She had no straddling that seat with her work dress on. I'm going, okay...
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    New Car for my kid

    Good deal! My first car was $300. My parents, instead of paying me back the loan, bought some car for $300 from a friend and said, here's your $300. Now don't ask us to pay for the bus service back and forth to school. 1967 Ford Custom 500. Drove it till it died five years later. How are...
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    Romp through the Smoky's Ride Report

    He just did, pants.
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    Coolant Leak

    Wow. Again?
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    Grand Canyon Sighting

    And mine is not grey/gray, it's Yellowish Gray Metallic #5 (YNM5)!!!
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    Sad News About Big Sky

    Dangit! Tears come easily these days.
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    Broken Penske Clevis.

    Not if you want peace of mind. It looks like the material failed in fatigue, the same material you would be welding to. Sure, you could "weld the piss out of it" and make it work...but the replacement part is a better way to go.
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    Hooterville 2016 Picture Thread

    Dirt riders ride through water least that's what I've seen, including Beemerdon's expeditions to Mexico, and back. The problem in AR was that this wasn't a flooded condition, this was "a river runs through it" design of the city street system where algae was allowed to grow on a...
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    Grand Canyon Sighting

    Black? Nope, tweren't me neither.
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    Coolant Leak

    It did the same thing again?
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    New 2017 FJR Announced, Raven it is!

    I'm not sure how I feel about that until I hear all the great things the aftermarket guys will do to freshen up the front forks and rear shocks on the ES bikes. Plus, I only have 20k miles on my 13, so I will be with that bike for a good long while (knocking on wood, vigorously).
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    Broken Penske Clevis.

    Heavy shock load...but nothing a shock assembly shouldn't be able to handle really.
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    Trip to: Moonshiner28 - TOTD - Cherohala Skyway - Blueridge Pkwy...

    Wait! Are you saying Florida drivers are slow? FJRocha is from Florida.... Seriously though...the Florida summer home people really crap up the roads on the south side of the Smoky Mtns...also, just because yer on a bike doesn't mean you can outrun the beatup meth truck on some of these roads...
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    Another Dragon wreck and death

    I should know better, but I ride with my spot in the top of tankbag. I've had getoffs and understand how FAR you can end up from your bike. These were getoffs with no significant injuries. Imagine a hard crash with injuries how much farther you might be, or how immobile you might be. I will...