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    Tire Repair ?

    Anyone have any preference when it come to Tire Patch Repair? Found this Site Best Rest Products that have the Stop and Go tire plugger kit. I would however consider a Compressor from SLIME I assume the FJR 1300 stock tires are Tubeless? Jeff :blink:
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    Garmin Zumo 550

    Thinking about the buying one myself what did you pay for it and where did you get it? Is it easy to work with gloves on and where did you get the stand for it? Jeff :clapping:
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    Chatterbox v. Autocom

    StarCom1 vs Autocom vs Integratr IV :yahoo: Have been looking for a well built good quality with little noise problem Comm unit for the Bike FJR1300 and I kinda narrowed down the three. Can anyone offer any advice on them? Looking for the ability to use with GPS,Cell phone,Radar,Radio...