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  1. ahchiu

    Not a "Reuben Run or The Last Hurrah" - Gauging Interest on a First Annual " Why Not? " in Lapine, OR

    Sounds good, it should be called "WTFN"... Why The F##k Not.
  2. ahchiu

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    I'm going to miss this, have a great time and safe travels.
  3. ahchiu

    Oil filter

    Punch a large screwdriver through the filter and twist off, it will drip so be prepared for a mess.
  4. ahchiu

    My worst ride to date

    Glad you're ok got the most part, speedy recovery.
  5. ahchiu

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Sorry I won't be there, have a great rally.
  6. ahchiu

    Clutch Problem

    Flush your clutch fluid and replace the brass bushing as mentioned, did you also try adjusting the lever throw dial?
  7. ahchiu

    WTB Gen 2 clutch slave cylinder 2D2-16381-00-00. Operational, of course! :)

    Don, I have a gen1 which will work, it has an easier pull than gen2, I had a gen 1 on my 06. let me know if you want it. PM me
  8. ahchiu

    FOUND - WTB: Zumo 550/450 Motorcycle cradle

    I have the OEM security screw if you still need, send me a PM
  9. ahchiu

    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    I’m shocked, he will be missed. RIP Ray.
  10. ahchiu

    FOUND - WTB: Zumo 550/450 Motorcycle cradle

    I may have one, I'll have to look in my gps box. PM me with a reminder
  11. ahchiu

    Rueben Run lodging

    I just canceled my room yesterday.
  12. ahchiu

    Best price on Michelin or Dunlop?

    I just ordered a set of Michelin Road 5 from Motomummy for $384 delivered. I'm still running PR2 so the Road 5 should be a big improvement.
  13. ahchiu

    Reuben Run 10 shirts and food

    Beef for me please.
  14. ahchiu

    2008/2009 front Fender

    Are you still looking for a fender?
  15. ahchiu

    Reuben Run #9

    I'm not going to make it this year.😟
  16. ahchiu

    Merry Christmas to all of you folks!

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good ride.
  17. ahchiu

    Gen II Clutch Adjustment Possible on Non AE Model?

    Adjust the lever dial, also you may want to flush the clutch fluid.
  18. ahchiu

    Gen 2 clutch slave cylinder

    I went with Pazzo levers for the lack of travel to disengage, the slave diameter is smaller on the 06 & 07 pushing more fluid on the clutch rod. I'm not sure about the 3rd get, I put a 05 slave on mine.
  19. ahchiu

    Gen 2 clutch slave cylinder

    I also have a couple of clutch slaves for easier pull if you need one.
  20. ahchiu

    1st Gen fork screw-up :(

    I have a set of OEM damper if you still need one, $120 + shipping. . PM sent.