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    2004 Project FJR. Should I?

    Thanks for the words folks! That is just the kind of "hadn't thought of thats", I was looking for. Not really thinking about a flip, but another one in the garage. I rode a 2005 FJR for years, now I have a 2013 Concours. Its great, but at the end of the day, like many others have said, the FJR...
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    2004 Project FJR. Should I?

    All Im considering this one as a project. Would love to hear comments, suggestions. Happy New Year!!
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    Hate it when this happens!

    Not sure if this is staged?
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    TWO Closing March 15

    Yep, SERIOUSLY lame. I loved the place.
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    How old are you FJR riders?

    HE went to Jared!!! :yahoo: oh, 40, 100% solo
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    Another custom FJR paintjob in progress..

    Whoa! Wicked. Not a big fan of custom paint jobs, but that one is cool. :clapping:
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    North Georgia FJR Rally!! Mark your calendar!

    OK, I'll be there. :yahoo: :yahoo: Lookin forward to meeting you folks! I usually make it to TWO a few Weekends per month for lunch
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    Bike crash Utah State Road 201 Westbound > I-215 Southbound ramp

    My sis said on the way to work she saw some guy who had just been nailed by a car (on motorcycle). not sure of the bike model, but the accident was in Salt Lake City area on State Road 201 Westbound > I-215 Southbound ramp. Anyone have any info?
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    Important Safety gear Info

    Make sure to read this important safety gear info .. :rolleyes:
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    A betcha never knew

    This one is a hoot .. :D
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    Georgia FJR Riders Group

    PM Sent. Sign me up... Now lets hit the Buffet, and get to ridin !! :yahoo:
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    Daytona bike week

    Hi all, Headed down from NE Atlanta area on Thursday. Takin the Back roads mostly 441 to 341. Stoppin over in S Ga. Thurs night. Should hit Daytona Friday am. Hope to see some of you guys there. Be carefull in the Boot Hill Saloon. :rolleyes:
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    WTB right side stock muffler

    Thanks, Found that one right after posting. Will give er a shot
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    WTB right side stock muffler

    Rear-end accident bends up muffler :o Need to replace right side stock muffler for 05. I have been told all years are the same.
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    FJR exhaust

    Not able to find this one in the archives, Do any of you happen to know if a 06 muffler will fit an 05. Not sure if the 06 changes changes the exhaust. Happy New Year ! :rolleyes:
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    Santa came early

    Wait till spring? Holy cabin fever batman ! I would be finding some snow shoes to fit on that beast. :D
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    How Long do FJR's keep their Power

    UHOH Would love to have a higher res copy of that mountain shot for the old desktop :D Looks like a good candidate for the cover of the AAA Atlas. Nice shootin Tex ! :D
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    Do you hear a clack clack ?

    kaitsdad, Thanks, that seems to be the exact scenario. :clapping: It spins while cold, but not when warmed up. Also the noise is not present when cold. That eases my mind a bit. Now I can go into my carbohydrate coma tomorrow without a worry about the feejr. :lol: All you guys and...
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    Do you hear a clack clack ?

    I spent a while searching the tech section, but have not found any of you guys reporting this problem. As I posted a few weeks back, I was rear-ended pretty solidly. I have had an estimate done which shows all the visible damage. but I am concerned about the drive shaft. :unsure: When...
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    First Ride in 17 years

    I got to witness something really cool this weekend. My friend Dave took his first ride on a kawasaki ZX10 he has modified to accommodate his disability. Dave was in a motorcycle crash 17 years ago which resulted in a T5 spinal injury, leaving him paralyzed from mid chest down. Not long after...