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    Rick Mayer Cycle ...Ride-In New Saddle

    Rick has now returned my deposit. Now when I look at that good looking saddle, I wont have that (I got taken) feeling. Thanks Rick.
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    Rick Mayer Cycle ...Ride-In New Saddle

    Well, you had better luck than me dealing with Rick. It's been over a year and he still has not returned my $500 seat pan deposit. He does not dispute that he owes it to me. He just will not return it. Derek
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    Which Helmet MFG for good venting and less buffeting

    I just bought the Schuberth C3 bluetooth combo on wednesday. My only complaint so far is the visor sometimes slams shut at highway speeds. Very quiet lid. Derek
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    The shop trashed my front SMARTIRE sensor.

    Thanks LDRydr, I took delivery yesterday. The shop that trashed the sensor is going to reemburse me.
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    The shop trashed my front SMARTIRE sensor.

    Having that thing bouncing around in my front tire ruined that fresh rubber feeling while scrubbing in my PR3's. Vulcan tire says I can use the Smartire passenger car sensor (which they have in stock) if my rims are suitable. The shop says they are not. Has anyone tryed? I'm also looking at...
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    THROTTLE BODY (seized) 04 FJR

    Radio Howie found a couple of tb assemblies on ebay. I bought one for $139.00. My dealer wanted $1800.00. Aint technology wonderfull!
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    THROTTLE BODY (seized) 04 FJR

    I'll post more info after my mechanic hears back from yammy.
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    THROTTLE BODY (seized) 04 FJR

    My mechanic got it freed up but something still amiss. He thinks I need a whole new TB assembly.
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    Camping in the Kootenay

    there's a nice pub right beside the ferry at balfour called the dock & duck. the food is very good. nelson has a great selection of restaurants. toadrock is an excellent mc campground. though, very shaded. i would suggest checking their website for any events that may be booked during your...
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    CFR 2009 Wait List

    well, i missed the boat again. but since nakusp is just is just an afternoon ride for me, my lady friend and i are going to stay over on the thursday and hopefully bump into a few of you around town or at the springs. without crashing your party of course. derek
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    90 degree valve stems

    be good to yourself. 90% stems are nice but you should concider an on board tire pressure monitoring system as well. i've been using smartyre for years and i love it. i'm not sure it's available anymore but there are others discussed on this board. i want to know everytime i get on the bike that...
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    Shark RSR2 helmet hurting

    i had an rs1 that fit well so when i ordered the rs2 i was surprised to find it a larger fit. it also won't fit in my side bag like the rs1 did. i stuffed it with padding. i always tweak the fit a bit to suit me anyway. dh
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    Anyone else in Canada get a call re: Ign Switch

    i had a failure on my canadian 04. derek
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    Top box?

    i have the yamaha top box for my 04. very seldom use it. for 4-5 day trips, i've just cinched a bag down behind me with rokstraps. i find the yammy trunk a bit of a sail. derek
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    What inventions have you thought of but never followed through?

    a few years ago i asked a teanage employee to build me a time machine. i told her where the tools are kept and instructed her to have it completed by 5pm. she said "what do you mean?" i said, just build me a machine so i can go back to yesterday. i left. she said to the other girls. "why do i...
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    A pucker moment

    years back, i was stopped at a 4 way stop in my F250. a guy on a 10 speed came flying through the stop sign. he had been riding on a residential sidewalk with his head down. he jammed his front tire into my front left wheel well. the bike stuck there. he went accross my windsheild like a...
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    Deals Gap Resort for Sale!

    The idea of forming an investors syndicate and picking up a bike friendly resort intrigues me. If there is enough serious interest, I suggest the members pitch some other ideas. This was just one. So what else is available out there? Derek
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    Toad Rock Campground

    i live too close to toad rock to actually camp there, i do often pop in for a visit though. the owners like to say that the sound of loud pipes is the sound of friends. the riding in the area is truly spectacular. toad rock is only a few minutes ride to ainsworth hot springs as well. pm me...
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    which cell phone do you like?

    on a calgary trip this week, my 4 yr old phone crapped out. i don't need a alot of bells & whistles. i want a rugged phone with good battery time and big numbers for these tired old eyes. any suggestions? thanks, derek
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    Watched my FJR ride away today

    well, i won't even let my friends sit on my bike. you must be the nicest guy in the world! now my daughter is another story. she turned 30 this month and still hasn't made me a grandpa. too busy with success for relationships right now. i guess it's all how you look at it. i hope he treats...