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  1. fjrob1300

    WTB Radiator Gen 1

    I ordered a chinese one a couple years ago for my 03. Fit is bang on. I believe it was from Ebay.
  2. fjrob1300

    Accident Reports related to 2nd Gear Recall?

    Don't forget some of the off road riding 
  3. fjrob1300

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Nope. nothing. 
  4. fjrob1300

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Last year on this day I was in 6 inches of snow out deer hunting. -2 C. Today , at the same location I was riding my 2003 FJR.  Love the weather 20C and sunny
  5. fjrob1300

    Motorcycle Shows Cancelled

    Shows may be cancelled but it looks like there will be racing here in Canada.
  6. fjrob1300

    The Cleanse

    Sigh...... thanks for the report.  We've had below freezing temps and even some snow flurries today.
  7. fjrob1300

    COVID-19 Catch All

    Ya ya my maths suck... thanks for bringing it to my attention..... again.🤪
  8. fjrob1300

    Trusting a Mechanic After a Mistake

    The internet can be the best or worst place to get advice . I say if the guy owned up right away and is willing to fix it I'd give him the benefit of doubt. I've done some nasty things to my vehicles. I consider myself a very adept piston head. Shit happens . If he screws it up the second time...
  9. fjrob1300

    FJR Mileage Milestones

    My 2003 has 156000 miles or 251000 kms. Still running strong.
  10. fjrob1300

    Towing question

    You guys worry too much. Just tow it.
  11. fjrob1300

    FJR & Camping

    Just take your time. You'll be fine. I've ridden some of the worst roads in all of North America on my 03.  Over 250000 km of every road and non road surface. Hard pack dirt roads are not an issue.  Don't beat yourself up before you even go out      The shores of James Bay. Northern Quebec    ...
  12. fjrob1300

    Wanted: auxiliary fuel cell

    Thanks for the plug Ray. Mine is going to a new home in Nova Scotia. 
  13. fjrob1300

    2009 won't start - just a click

    FUCK!!!! that's all I've got . sorry.  BUT!! if you make it to Ontario I'll ride with ya
  14. fjrob1300

    2020 CFR ?

    So far the Florida Winter Gathering is the only one that made the cut. All down hill from there. 🤪
  15. fjrob1300

    "Dirt" tires on an FJR

    Hey Ross. The TKC I ran about 3000 km on the FJR. THEN  I put it on my WR250. 2000km on the WR and to me it looks no different than the day I installed it. The tire has not let me down. On Anther note @Knifemaker how's this ?
  16. fjrob1300

    2020 Canadian Superbike Schedule

    Nova Scotia it is then.
  17. fjrob1300

    Steering Damper

    And an air strip.... ?
  18. fjrob1300

    COVID-19 Catch All

    My deep thoughts passed along to those I care about. So... to those thinking the quarantine is stupid and a waste of your valuable time. Try this exercise. Go through your list of friends and family. Pick 100 of them. Now pick 40 of them that will get the virus. They are the one who will now be...
  19. fjrob1300

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    Thanks for the invite Matt. We attended a rally in early March in Florida. Now we're stuck on the other side of the border. We'll check in with you when this shut down  is over. Stay safe.
  20. fjrob1300

    Blue Ridge Parkway

    If all else fails. As in shitty weather, I'm going to drive right to Dan's. Or we could do donuts with our vans at 1911's. Both would work.