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  1. Zorlac

    2009 FJR - Low Miles

    Asked you a question via PM. 4/30...........YooHoo, anybody home?
  2. Zorlac

    Heart Attack, Gen 3 Oil Filter

    Hmmm, you need a daughter in college driving your 98 Corolla with 183K on it that you're trying to keep on the road until she graduates & gets a job. That'll get you just as familiar.
  3. Zorlac

    The 2015/2016 Big FJR Tire Poll

    Maybe cause you left off CT as a front tire choice?
  4. Zorlac

    The 2015/2016 Big FJR Tire Poll

    What makes the PR4's so much better than the PR2's? I've gotten great wear & enough grip to stay vertical out of the PR2's for quite a few miles. Interesting that the PR3's are sucking hind tit in the poll since I was able to score a new front PR3 for $75 but haven't mounted it yet. FWIW, I...
  5. Zorlac

    Route 250 condition in WV

    Yeah, that was the first road I saw a 10mph sign for a turn and they were right. An uphill switchback with RV's coming the other way.
  6. Zorlac

    Yellowstone Off-Season

    Thanks for posting. Bet you didn't have to pass a car 3bikes & an RV in one shot either. DAMHIK
  7. Zorlac

    NEW Garmin Zumo 660LM Motorcycle GPS Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps $380

    NEW Garmin Zumo 660LM Motorcycle GPS Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps 010-00727-04
  8. Zorlac

    Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 for $20 until 5/17

    Valid 5/4/2013 until 5/17/2013, or while supplies last. Available Microsoft online stores in US (including Puerto Rico) only. Only select Streets & Trips, Street or AutoRoute products eligible for discount. Not valid on prior orders or purchases; cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for...
  9. Zorlac

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Cleaned the wheels.
  10. Zorlac

    2200 LED Driving Light Experiement

    These look interesting, might be a little too big for fork mounting though.
  11. Zorlac

    Which is the correct height of a Laminar Lip above the Windshield?

    Based on your statement Alan, I sprung for one of these $100 pieces of plastic seeing that since its visual appeal is so low IMO, it should be quite functional. I'm quite impressed after sticking it to a Cee Bailey's shield! I have spacers angling the shield back more than stock and I can dial...
  12. Zorlac

    0w-40 Oil - only 4Stroke I can find here

    I've been running Mobil 0W-40 for probably the last 50K miles in an 03 Concours without any issues (103K on her), shifts like silk.The FJR seems to prefer the Mobil 15W-50, less clunky shifts.
  13. Zorlac

    Tire damage during installation

    If that rubber hoop can stand the gross weight of the bike while coupling over 100HP to the road I'm thinking it's pretty damn robust. Although it's definitely possible to damage the bead's sealing surface if you're careless with the mounting spoons. I use clamps to squeeze the opposite side's...
  14. Zorlac

    Flat tires

    No shit?You mean something like this?
  15. Zorlac

    Radio Howie and Rogue

    Older but not sure about the wiser part. ;)
  16. Zorlac

    Interesting new Honda bike

    Getting off my ass to fill up is totally unacceptable. Like the lock nut valve adjusters but I'll keep my weestrom.
  17. Zorlac

    Harley Rider Down

    It's pretty easy to bend over the seat from the right side and get the sidestand down by pushing on the black tubing that covers its spring with your fingertips.
  18. Zorlac

    Could this be a forum member?

  19. Zorlac

    Bust spotted in UTAH

    "has wildlife officials worried he could be in danger as hunting season approaches." Ya think? :rolleyes:
  20. Zorlac

    Battery Is weak

    Hopefully not, but read em & weep.