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    Going to the Dark Side

    North Phoenix, not far from the old PV mall if that makes sense.
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    Going to the Dark Side

    Well, it's been almost 2 years and I think I might have to switch back to a motorcycle tire. As much as I want to love it, it's just not as fun to ride anymore. I only put 3800 miles on the BFG--because when it came time to grab the keys, I found myself favoring different bikes instead of this...
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    Seat repair suggestions?

    I'm in Phoenix. Come get this cover from me and your seat will look like new again!
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    SH__37 issue for the YCCS bikes

    Apologies for commenting on an old thread, but I had to say, @Brodie This is a great write-up! I appreciate the detailed description of the problem and especially the photos of the parts as they were rebuilt. If I ever get a SH_37 fault on my AE, I'll immediately bet thinking of this!
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    helibars question - tank interference?

    Thanks, that sounds reasonable.  I'm trying to reduce the shoulder & elbow strain I get after a few hours in the seat.
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    helibars question - tank interference?

    I'm wanting to buy these helibars that will bring my bars back 3", but saw a comment that the tank won't pivot open with this in place.  Is that true? I've been riding my Gen2 for 6 years with just the block risers.  Wanting more. ...
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    Going to the Dark Side

    New darksider here.  Figured I should contribute to this thread instead of Facebook.  If you already saw this there, please ignore the extra post.  :) Last week I mounted this tire. BFG G-FORCE COMP2 A/S+ 205/50ZR17 I thought I should reply with some impressions in case it helps someone...
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    Shifting Issues

    motor7, what is your idle rpm set to?  The bike won't shift if the idle speed is too high, because that would become a safety issue. 
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    A Feb. day in the Foothills

    Oh, dang.  Glad to hear you're recovering.  Be careful. 
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    New Member - Arizona

    Looks like we need to organize a RTE where only AE's are allowed! 
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    New Member - Arizona

    Welcome!  I'm in Phoenix.  I've had my 2007 AE for a while now and I'm still infatuated with it.  I think I used the foot shifter for almost a year before my need for it went away.  I never do anymore.  But I have other bikes and it hasn't affected the way I shift other bikes. 
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    Gen2 items for sale

    Hang onto those wheels.  One of these days I may make it over to LA.
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    Help! Fuel Injector o-ring sea failed

    Me either!  I've never heard of this happening before, and I've worked on a LOT of cars in my life.  I've never even been close to the injectors on this bike.  I did a valve clearance check at 25k but didn't have to adjust anything.  I bought it in like-new pristine condition 5+ years ago with...
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    Help! Fuel Injector o-ring sea failed

    Phooey, I can see my dropbox images but apparently others can't.  I also couldn't edit any of these posts until this one.  Not sure why.  I've been a member for years but  my status got reset when the website got reset.  Anyway, here are my photos, just for clarity. Yes the Dorman kit included...
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    Help! Fuel Injector o-ring sea failed

    **SOLVED!** OK that was easy.  I found that my local Auto Zone stocks universal fuel injector seal kits by Dorman.  Dorman part # 90100 These worked perfectly.  I replaced all four injector seals with this $10 kit and she's purring like a...
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    Help! Fuel Injector o-ring sea failed

    Got it out.  Looks like I'm down for the count until I can get new seals shipped.  These aren't regular o-rings.
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    Help! Fuel Injector o-ring sea failed

    Now I have to figure out how to get the injector out.  I have the service manual but it's telling me to take the whole bike apart.  Would appreciate any input on "gotcha's" to watch out for while I try to lift the fuel rail and remove just this one injector.  Thanks.
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    Help! Fuel Injector o-ring sea failed

    I popped up the tank to find an intake air leak.  Took only a couple minutes to find it.   The fuel injector o-ring seal on the right most injector is cracked and pushing itself out.  Huge intake air leak.  I’ve never touched the fuel rail before so this is unexpected.  33K miles on my 2007...
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    Intrepid Riders

    Nice video.  Looks like a great ride.
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    Some lightning photography showing-off

    This is really cool.  Very well done.  I really enjoyed these.  I've always wanted to take my camera out and do this.  We can get some pretty good lightning & thunder storms in Arizona.