'07 For Occasional Use in Ponchatoula, LA

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Nov 15, 2007
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Ponchatoula, LA
Here's my FJR13AWR I bought new from Cycle Stop in Picayune, MS. Don't think they even sell Yahahas any more.
I try to keep it looking like new (had various spots repainted and touched up thru the years); but inevitably, the ol' boots scrape the bags, etc., and at some point I'll have it buffed or touched up again. Dropped it a couple times either crawling or parked -- I'm grateful it wasn't at full speed; but kind of a pisser. One was in my back yard in the dreaded grass. Another time I had put it on the center stand (to be EXTRA CAREFUL parking it). When I rolled it forward to take it off the stand, down it went -- literally not a second to think about it or react -- right onto the curb. (The road was crowned and tilted slightly toward curb.) Live & learn (hopefully!). Both mishaps required a little parts replacement/repair/repaint.
Anyway, it has very low miles and is still a joy to ride. My first bike was a '76 XS-500C, which I really liked as a youngster. Second was an '82 Honda CBX I bought used around 2004 (big gap, I know). I really liked that CBX as well. But alas, it went the way of the flood waters of Katrina.
As for my FJR, I've replaced the tires once and the battery twice in 14 yrs.; has no other changes or mods to speak of.
Still enjoy seeing others' bikes and reading their interesting stories on the forum. Unfortunately, all my bud's down here ride Harleys... but it's better riding with them on occasion than riding solo all the time! I don't see many other FJRs down here.
This pic was taken 2/24/'20. If you can spy the '18 BMW K-1600 GTL behind it, I had it for about a year & sold it. I loved it on paper (especially the motor); but I never did get the thrill riding it I thought I would.


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