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Motorcycle For Sale 2003 FJR IBR Finisher - On Hold

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Jun 21, 2005
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I've had to admit to myself that my riding days are over. My balance and vision just don't allow it anymore.

The FJR I finished the 2003 Iron Butt Rally on is now officially for sale. It is a first-wave PdP bike (#7xx). Mileage is around 30k miles.

It has been repainted candy red metallic (Yamaha R1). It's been sitting with all the plastic off of it for some time (think bringing it out of mothballs times). No wrecks. Fuel drained for paint. Service done before removing things for paint. Tank's remained seals since painting. This will not be a ride-away. All fasteners are marked and placed on cards to locate them for each panel. A matching modular helmet that is NIB was painted to color match the bike. All parts and accessories included.

Russell saddle (rider & passenger), Givi trunk with metal replacement brace, original (short) and Yamaha touring shields, highway pegs, etc.

As is and picked up (bring a truck). DFW Area: $1500.00 (the extras are worth more than that)
I seem to have jumped the gun with the post. I need to get my act together first and get all the paperwork rounded up. It's not being pulled from sale though. I think it was such a big deal to admit it that I jumped it before I could change my mind again. Let me get everything gathered up and then I'll open it up again. Apologies.
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