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Parts For Sale 2009 Yamaha FJR Parts For Sale

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Hi there Dan. I'm interested in the Sargent seat and the black plastics above the battery. Also interested in the stock hardware (bolts, plastic rivets, cage nuts, etc) for the body. Mine are missing or in rough shape.
Do you have saddlebags?
If you want functional but not pretty, I have a pair from my 2016 (blue) that are usable but one is not pretty. Both had a hook damaged but I have plastic welded them. I used them for a couple months before the.bags for my 2022 arrived. Need to get $100 plus shipping from Bellingham, WA 98226.
Hey Everyone, Back in town. If you made an inquiry regarding any part listed or unlisted I will be following up.
Thanks, Dan

FJR 09 Parts bike stripped and there are a lot of bits n bobs looking for another home.
Fuel tank NO DENTS $185.00
Sargent Seat w/ Pillion $200.00
Corbin Smuggler $475.00 BLACK
Ivan Flashed ECU $225.00 SOLD
HealTech Quick Shifter $200.00
Side panels
Front Forks SOLD
Stock seats $150.00
Rear grab bar $100.00
Rear tail light Assembly plastic
Tail light
Final Drive,
Hyperpro Non emulsion rear shock with Hydraulic Preload SOLD
Complete HandleBar Assembly, L and R with OEM heated grips w/ Controller $200.00
Throttle Bodies $175.00
Triple Trees with Timken Bearings $75.00
Windshield mechanism $150.00
Etc, Etc ......

Well, you get the idea. A lot of parts. All TupperWare is BLACK as is the Fuel Tank
I will post pictures upon request.
BTW, the bike had 53,000 miles on it when it met it's doom. The engine is very healthy.

Thanks, Dan
Hi Dan, I'm interested in the Sargent seat if you still have it. Also might you have the parts that cover up the saddle bag mounting holes?