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Motorcycle For Sale 2012 FJR, 17.5K Miles - $8K

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Feb 8, 2022
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A. General Information:
  • Color: Cobalt Blue (same color as current 2022 model)
  • Mileage is 17,496 mi.
  • Condition: almost like-new (always stored in climate controlled garage; photos show condition)
  • Title: Clear, in hand (original owner)
  • Always serviced by local Yamaha dealer
  • Tires: Michelin Road 5 2CT+ (front and back); these tires have approx. 1600mi on them from new
  • Damage: None
  • Scratches/Chips: two small scratches (one each, outside edge of rearview mirrors, one retouched small rockchip on tank)

B. Installed Extras (included):
  • Handlebar/Grip Risers: adds ~1.5” rise to handlebars, also shifts back toward rider 0.75-1.0 inch for a more upright riding style
  • Motovation Frame Sliders (motovationusa.com): would keep the ground from hitting the faring in the event of a fall or crash
  • SW MotoTech Left and Right Side Mirror extenders/wideners: so you can easily see around your arms to see what’s going on behind you
  • Throttlemeister Throttle Lock (Marker Machine, Inc): so you can set your cruising speed and relax your right, throttle hand
  • Hyperlite Flashing Brake Lights (hyperlites.com): additional rear-facing brake lighting (pulses then stays on solid) to inform those behind you that you’re stopping
  • Lamin-X Clear Tank Protector (lamin-x.com): applied on the right and left side of the tank, keeps your riding pants from scuffing the tank sides
  • ProGrip Tank Protector: between you and the rear of the gas tank, keeps your riding jacket zipper or belt buckles from scuffing the fuel tank
  • Yamaha OEM Side Case Liners: allows you to pack and unpack your side cases without having to remove the side case
  • Yamaha OEM Touring Windshield: larger windscreen keeps wind and bugs away. (will also include the original windshield)
  • Bike Cover

C. Other information:
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Glad to provide more photos upon request
  • No trades, no financing and no spam please
  • Can help arrange shipping (shipping at buyer's expense) if needed


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