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Motorcycle For Sale 2015 FJR 1300A

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Apr 18, 2016
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Sutter Creek, CA
My wife decided to stop riding so her bike is up for sale. Large Givi top case will hold two helmets (or a case of Sierra Nevada!), California Scientific windscreen, otherwise stock. Clear title. One owner, no accidents, two tiny scratches from a zero speed drop. Includes soft side case liners. 61,280 mostly touring miles. Looks new.

Asking $6,500. Located in Gold Country, California.

209 418-8170


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Not a bad price and not bad milage. Milage may scare a few. Is it a charcoal canister bike?
It is a California bike so it may have it. Not sure where it is. I recall hearing about some issues with refueling or the like but don't recall having any problems with her bike. I may hade had a problem with mine once when I overfilled it but not certain.
Surprised it hasn't sold to someone in CA yet (5 weeks). Assume you have it listed on local craigslist and cycletrader.com? If not, you should.
Also surprised it hasn't sold yet. Most seem to want a Harley! Just received a response to my Craigslist List ad but will look at cycle trader. Thanks for the tip.