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Sold 2016 FJR ES for sale in Magdalena, New Mexico -- $5800.00

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Aug 9, 2023
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Magdalena, NM
Hi folks. Price is low because of the mileage. It also probably will need new rear brake pads soon.

This bike does have a lot of miles (96k), but it has been excellently maintained by myself (I have owned it since late 2021 and have put about 4500 miles on it, and three oil/filter changes) as well as by the previous owner, who was a Yamaha certified mechanic and worked at Bobby J's Yamaha in Albuquerque, NM. The bike has been stored indoors and on a battery tender since I bought it and it looks fantastic, especially considering the mileage.

Startup/walkaround video:

Most of the miles are due to the previous owner riding it in "Iron Butt" competitions. It runs perfectly and I would not hesitate to ride it to Denver on a moment's notice (in fact, I have done so before). It is ready to ride right now.

I have all service records provided by the dealership and am happy to provide them to you. It has had recall work performed by the dealer (side stand switch, 2nd gear, brake switch) and I have documentation of this work. I understand that it does have an open recall for an ECM flash. I was told when I bought it that a recent valve adjustment had been performed.

Has a few nice aftermarket things: engine and luggage crash cages (R-Gaza), extra large V-Stream windshield (and two originals included), back rest, Emgo trunk, voltage gauge.

I have a clear New Mexico title in my name and in my hands. The bike is located in Magdalena, New Mexico, about 30 miles west of Socorro. I would be happy to work with your shipper.

Asking $5800 or I would consider trade for a turnkey diesel Volkswagen (2003 or older) or Mercedes (2006 or older) with no issues.


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