2021 EOM Parting Thoughts and Pictures

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Oct 8, 2006
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New Baltimore, Mi
EOM 2021 – Parting thoughts and pictures

We just got home – this trip continues to be the highlight of my (and our) year each year.  The friendships sparked by a shared passion for riding are priceless.  Thank you to everyone who joined us in Flatwoods, WV this year for another fantastic EOM.  It was great seeing old friends as well as the new faces in the crowd.

I’d like to also extend a special thank you to Lee – “LeeDavis” and Jim “Spklbuk” for their collaboration on creating some enjoyable routes and lunch spots.

The credit for finding the Flatwoods Days Inn rests solely on the shoulders of Mr Spklbuk – Jim; his suggestion led to an email and phone call that sealed the deal – Thank you!

Thank you to Andy – Bikergeek – for sharing the history behind the Hawaiian shirts worn for the banquet.

And to those who helped with the prep work of sorting the shorts and assembling the nametags – Andy & Susie, Mark (FJRVFR), & Don (Deagle10) and Annette.

Again – thank you to all who joined us in Flatwoods!

Pictures – I’d like to create a gallery for this year’s event – please posts pictures here that you wish to share and I’ll pull them for the gallery that I’m creating on the EOM website.  I will get the group picture cropped and a logo added in the next few days and post a link for anyone who wishes to download a copy.

Here’s a few of mine – more to come.

Thank you!


Draft of group photo:


Cathedral Falls:



Foggy Morning


Heading Home:



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