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May 6, 2007
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Auburn, WA
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Lisa Landry

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Hello everyone-
The following note was sent to Iron Butt Rally volunteers a few minutes ago.
We know this email is overdue and apologize for the delay. There have been issues needing resolution before we could open the drawing entry window for a 2025 Iron Butt Rally. Mike and team have been working to determine a solution but it continues to elude us. Despite an impressive safety record, the availability of insurance for the event at the top level has evaporated.
Lisa and I had planned for 2025 to be our "farewell tour". We both felt we had one more rally in us and had decided on a theme before leaving Pittsburgh. Late last year we started lining up the usual types of facilities and joked about the places you might get sent. That was not to be.
It is with sadness that we are announcing that Lisa and I will not be at the IBR helm. It has been an honor to be allowed the opportunity to put our spin and energy into the event and to work with this talented and enthusiastic team. All of you who have volunteered to help with the event are amazing; whether that be scouting locations far and near, scoring riders, manning bonus locations, or helping make sure registration and finish check in go smoothly. None of these events would have been possible without you. From the bottom of our hearts ...Thank you.
We don't know what form the Iron Butt Rally will take in the future. A hallmark of the event is that each has been different than the previous. We look forward to seeing what shape it takes and following along.
Lisa and Jeff

My comments: F****N lawyers and insurance companies ruin a good thing.
This had been such an amazing event over the years that it really is quite sad to see it end. I know everything must come to an end at some point, but I am still hoping that it'll come back in some form.
The first thought that crossed my mind when I experienced it for the first time, was just how professionally it was run. First class and top notch.
Thank you to all who made it possible.