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Aug 11, 2013
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Near the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA, Sol III.

The usual handlebar risers and angle plates are not going to give you that much adjustment. I have seen stacked risers, but I would not recommend it. You may find other remedies, but I believe a conversion to tubular handlebars would be the right fix. Everything on your handlebars now will fit on 7/8" (22 mm) standard handlebars. For a first-class fix, ABM makes a billet handlebar adapter for handlebars of that size. The ABM adapter replaces the stock steering crown (top triple clamp). You will need to unclip and re-route some cables and hoses, and maybe add hydraulic hose and cable extensions to get full-swing freedom of the handlebars for turning. New handlebars typically cost less than US$ 100.00 and most bike shops will let you take new handlebars outside, one at a time, to quick-check the fit for you. (A quick-check means no tools.) Tubular handlebars will give you a wide range of choices for height, sweep, angle, and wingspan. You can spend less than the ABM adapter costs, or much more, but the ABM adapter is a good look.
This is just one example, located in the UK. ABM sells on many bike shop websites, and they may sell direct to you.

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