Best BBQ in America - The List ?

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As with all lists, it was created to stir the pot. No one will ever agree with any "top x" list.
Given that, how much more will people disagree when it's a list of BBQ joints that include places in CA, OR, WA, and NY (and just about any northern states)?

I guess if it's worded as "best in a state". At least it would be different than a list of "BEST". In a way it's like some kids getting participation awards just for showing up.
You don't really believe that there isn't anyone capable of good BBQ in the north, and that you can only get good BBQ in the south, do you?...Really?

I agree that lists are very subjective. I've tried the "BEST" pizza in America, and thought it sucked.

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Some places I've traveled, "barbecue" means "cooked over open flame". Of course, that's not what it means in the Southland; not even close. In fact, a lot of southern barbecue is NOT cooked over open flame.

I consider different takes on BBQ as a regional food specialty, like Brunswick stew, pierogies, crabrolls, or smoked mullet.

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Some people think that using one of these is bbq'ing.


Some even think using gas is ok.